Zentangle Challenge #16 Mooka!

This challenge is to create a traditionla zentangle tile using the new tangle named Mooka.  Mooka was designed by Rick and Maria of Zentangle, and inspired by the artwork of Alphonse Mucha.  I am an admirer of his work, and here are some examples:

And here is my zentangle:

Ok, you are probably wondering how they relate;  just go to Zentangle and see how they came up with this design.  My execution could probably have been better :-).


  1. Your execution is perfect! Very nice!

  2. i love your mooka! it reminds me of a pineapple! a fruit(?) very near and dear to my state. 😉

  3. very nice mooka; I love your delicate background ,just fine to draw the attention to your mooka and the sprouts below.

  4. Lovely tile with all your fun mooka’s growing out of the vase like that. XOXO zoe

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