An Update

So much for yacking about my garden every month… I have decided to try winter gardening as I am such a hands off summer gardener.  It just gets too hot around here during the summer. So, with the help of my gardener, my planters are ready to go – whenever I get going:


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Dear younger son and dear daughter came home.  Dear older son went to his girlfriends… and so it begins :).   Anyway, DD and I baked the first batch of Christmas cookies so DYS could take some back up north, and DD could take some back down to University and share with friends.  Here we are in our festive aprons:


I was asked to help knit some scarves for our local Youth Hope.  So for the last few weeks, I have been knitting along.  As usual, my estimate of how fast I can knit was really off.  I managed to make 5 Mariners scarves.  There are apparently more homeless boys than girls, so I tried keeping the colors neutral, but that pink and variegated one snuck in there :).


September Garden 2014 & Norwegian Trolls

What has Norwegian Trolls got to do with my garden you ask? Nothing really, but there doesn’t seem to be much happening in the garden, so I thought I’d share.  Here are some photos of the blooms hanging on in my front garden – so pretty:


Dear Hubby came home from a business trip to Norway, and brought home these two guys.  I really like dolls, but I’m on the fence about these two.  I suppose they have a certain charm :). I still have the troll dolls that were popular from when I was a child – somewhere in a box in the garage…


August Garden 2014 & Soy Amado

I have been neglecting my blog lately.  It has been sooo hot around here, all I want to do is lay flat on the cool floor and do nothing… but I have been keeping busy.  Starting off with my garden; venturing out into the unbearable heat, I am rewarded with a bumper crop of American concord grapes – so yummy!


On the quilting front, I stumbled onto a very nice quilt blog Little Island Quilting, where there is a wonderful project going on –  Soy Amado.  I am participating, and here are some of the blocks I made:













Now, I just need to package them and put them in the mail.

July Garden 2014 & Row By Row

This month, I am featuring my vegetable garden.  For the amount of care I give, I am always pleasantly surprised with the results:


And for Vickie, I did two rows; the second and fourth from the top – both are paper pieced.  Here are the links to the two rows:  Flying Geese and Tippecanoe.


June Garden 2014 & Row By Row

So happy… Passion fruit vine is making a comeback:

JuneGarden2014And I finished another row by row.  This one is for Tina.  Her theme is “Fish & Sea”.  I didn’t piece, but appliqued an under the sea world filled with colorful tropical fish, bubbles, seaweed, & coral:



May Garden In June 2014 & Darlene’s Quilt

Oops! I seem to have forgotten to post about my garden last month.  It has been so hot around here, I really haven’t been out in the garden much.

The Mexican primrose have been filling our garden – here are a few with the flamingos in the background:


I hosted a luncheon at my home for my quilt group. The group had been working on a quilt for our instructor Darlene, and finally presented it to her.  I came in at the end of the project, so I was tasked with making the label:





Pillows & Tomatoes

It was way past time to switch out my family room couch slip covers from the holiday red to a spring/summery cool off white.  After doing so, I realized it needed a pop of color.  So, I decided to make new slip covers for the pillows.  It may be a bit flowery for dear hubby, but I like them:


I even added some butterflies, a dragonfly, and a ladybug for some whimsy.

And my neighbor who owns SunnysideLOCAL Nursery, kindly gifted me with these heirloom tomato plants.  Here they are with Hiro:


April Garden 2014 And Update

I went out to my garden, thinking what I wanted to plant, and beheld this beautiful sight. My artichoke plant from last year had flowered! So beautiful!


And there are more on the way. Not sure if I should harvest them, or just let them flower:


And, I have  been very busy sewing away.  I have two days rental of a long arm machine coming up.  Here are some scraps from my current projects – gifts for some very special people:


March Garden 2014 And Update

I have been so neglecting my blog lately… But, I really want to keep up my monthly garden updates.  So, spring is here (It seems like we missed winter altogether) and this photo best describes what’s going on in our garden. Our grove is filled with the wonderful scent of orange blossoms!


I also  worked on our group row by row quilt projects.  Ellie’s is the blue winter scene, and Kandi’s is the red/white/blue patriotic row. I found the ideas for both rows on Pinterest? and also in a book I own:

001mod 002mod005mod

And, dear daughter home for spring break got a new Thinkpad.  She asked me to make a cover for it.  After rummaging through some fat quarters, she picked this pretty pink fabric:

001mod 006mod



February Garden 2014

Just getting in a quick post on my monthly garden.  It’s finally raining here in Southern California! No photos of the rain, but I took a few during the month.  After visiting a local nursery, guess who came home with me? I think our dog Hiro is not convinced.  He eyed the newcomers with suspicion… but I have always wanted kitschy pink flamingos, and I am happy to say that I finally got them!

After multiple irrigation system repairs and our dear passion fruit vine being choked out, we finally had the banana trees removed.  I replaced them with several varieties of lavender, a pygmy date palm, and a few other plants I forgot the names of.  It looks sparse right now, but the yard seems to have opened up, and we can see the mountains in the distance again from our family room windows.  Oh, and I was able to find another passion fruit vine – yay!


January Garden And Update

It seems unimaginable that the rest of the country is having such severe weather.  Here, it’s like spring/summer.  For this months garden post, I took a few shots of my front yard and spliced them together.  My gardener is helping with a lot of yard clean up.  Today, I went to several nurseries to find some plants – more on that later.


I also went to my very first Quilt Show, Road To California, which took place in the city of Ontario, not too far from my house.  It was an amazing experience! The crowd got to me a bit, but I found some really nice things.  I took dear hubby on another day to see my latest madness passion.  I also wanted him to see the long arm machines – planting the seed for possible future purchase… He actually found the machines, especially the computerized ones fascinating, the quilts, not so much.


I also met a very nice woman demonstrating one of the long arm machines who turned out to be an author of quilt books.  Dear hubby bought me two of her books, and she even signed them for me!


And finally, I had to add this photo – only at a Quilting Convention, attended by mostly older women.  All the men’s bathrooms converted temporarily into women’s bathrooms 🙂