Bird A Week Challenge: Weeks 51 & 52

Well, this is it.  I started the challenge with the best intentions.  Somewhere along the line, coming up with a bird a week idea became a challenge in itself.  So, to finish off, I drew a  partridge in a pear tree, and two turtle doves:

Bird A Week Challenge: Weeks 49 & 50

Just two more weeks of this challenge? For week 49, I am featuring a bird in a basket ornament I made. And for week 50, I am featuring a little cardinal my niece made out of a walnut sitting on a brazil nut:


Bird A Week Challenge: Week 48

Alright, now I am just trying to catch up – so near the finish line. Four more weeks of Bird A Week Challenge! This blue angry bird was a souvenir from Las Vegas  that my daughter brought back for me. He keeps me company, sitting next to my computer:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 47

Ok, here is a drawing of a proportionally challenged cardinal. I used an elaborate frame to try to enhance his looks:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 46

I saw a neat Indian drawing of a bird, so I decided to try my hand at drawing it for this week’s challenge:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 45

Ok, last of the Halloween themed drawings. This time of a raven:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 44

Here is a lampwork bead pendant I made. A tiny crow dangling above a pumpkin.  Are you in the mood for Halloween yet?:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 43

I am in total Halloween mode.  Here is another bird on a pumpkin.  This time, a crow:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 42

For this week’s challenge, I drew a vintage style owl on a  pumpkin:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 41

I decided to do another vintage style birdie drawing for this week:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 40

I made this chicken set some time ago.  But, they are birds, and I made them, so they are my bird a week challenge for this week:

Bird A Week Challenge: Weeks 36 thru 39

I am doing catch up with the bird a week challenge.  I  had to take a little break, but want to continue the challenge since I have come so far into the year.  So, I sat down and drew and doodled whatever came to mind.  And here are my Bird A Week  for weeks 36 through 39: