Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #97 Wings

Our dear dog Hiro’s favorite outside toy are empty water bottles.  He helps himself to the recyclables outside, and runs like the wind (or flies on “wings”) around the yard with a bottle in mouth, the happiest guy in the world:

His light hearted personality, and contentment in the simplest things make him the best dog ever :-).  Here are the credits:

Hiro Photo:  Photo Art By Marie

Background & Elements:  Irene Alexeeva Designs

Textured overlay: Fall3nAngel

Zentangle Challenge #2 Two Pencil String

Challenge #2 was to start the tangle with a two pencil string – putting two pencils together and drawing a scribble.  Here is my tangle:

My initial strings ended up looking like a cursive “S”.