Zentangle Weekly Challenge# 305 Marasu & Molygon

More like “Yearly Challenge” for me! 😉

I’m having an artsy painting kind of day today, and decided to check in with the Diva to see what tangling everyone was up to.  Duo tangle? Yes! When I saw Marasu & Molygon, I immediately thought of something organic, and keeping it simple – A snail and a chrysanthemum!

Zentangling is so much like quilting; free motion and repeating patterns 🙂


Zentangle Challenge #261 Stacked Bijou

Today has been one of those “anything but…” days.  So, rather than do what I needed to do around the house, I checked in with the Diva to see what was going on.  It’s been almost three years since I did a Zentangle challenge, so it was a nice change of pace.  I even broke out my water colors to paint the different size tiles.  Here is my Stacked Bijou:


Challenge#261StackedBijou_BlogA little hurried… Today was the last day for this challenge.

Zentangle Challenge #133 “Tipple” & Day Out With My Girl

I have had a happy few days sitting around with dear daughter.  As most of her friends have already left for College, and adding to that her wisdom teeth extraction, she has been a homebody the last few days.  So, as I sat around with her, I got the idea to do a Zentangle Challenge with the Diva.  The theme is “Tipple” which are the little round tangles.  I started with a Hearts and Loops quilting design, and worked around that:


And today, since most of her pain subsided, and her chipmunk cheeks have receded, we ventured out.  I had her take a snap of the truck loaded with oranges on the freeway.  I just love the fact that our town has an orange growing history, and that we live in a small grove.  We stopped by Hobby Lobby before hitting Victoria Gardens.  I get a bit overwhelmed at Hobby Lobby sometimes, they just have so much stuff! We managed to get out of there with just a few items.  First stop at the mall was See’s Chocolate, to fortify ourselves for the shopping ahead.  After hitting most of DH’s favorite shops, we sat down and had some frozen yoghurt.  On the way home, we picked up her new glasses.  It was a hot but wonderful day.  I am cherishing every moment with her before she heads off to College…


Zentangle Challenge #106 “The Year Of The Snake”

Whew, I made it! – I think… The deadline is Saturday night.  This weeks challenge is “The Year Of The Snake”.  Dear oldest son was born in the year of the snake – intuitive, creative, diligent, intelligent, wise, great thinker, materialistic :-), careful in choosing friends, & confident, to name a few snake characteristics – it’s spot on! Anyway, here is my snake:


Zentangle Challenge #105 “Dansk”

This weeks challenge is brought to us by Margaret Bremner, using her tangle “Dansk”. When I saw the tangle, I thought “hair”, so this is what I drew:


Zentangle Challenge #104 “String #003”

This weeks challenge was to use a tangle pattern string #003 from Tangle Patterns.com. Of course, with all the “hearts” on my mind these days, I made the focal pattern out of hearts. Although, they almost look like flowers… Regardless, I kind of like how it turned out:


And here is my tile:


Zentangle Challenge #101 “Phicops”

The Diva recently celebrated her 100th zentangle challenge.  I had taken a break from zentangling, but decided to try and participate again in the weekly challenges.  The new year starts off with a new tangle called “Phicops” that B-rad, the Divas hubby created.  It took a few times of draw/erase, but I kind of like the end result:

Challenge#101Phicops_BlogIf you’d like to try you hand at it, and/or view other participants tangles, go to “I am the diva“.  I find it to be a soothing activity – no pressure. You’re not being judged or graded.  In fact, everyone is really very supportive and kind.

Zentangle Challenge #91 Beads Of Courage

The diva challenged us this week to take inspiration from the Beads Of Courage Program in honor of her son, Artoo and his friend EJ’s birthdays.  Beads Of Courage is a wonderful program, and when I am in my bead making mode, I like to take part in it.  I made a simple tangle of three beads, and this time I actually colored them:

Zentangle Challenge #87 Pinwheels For Peace

September 21st marks the International Day of Peace.

And as the Diva set forth another Pinwheels For Peace Challenge, I decided to join in.  I think my efforts are more doodling rather then zentangling, but I had fun doing it :-). Here is a link to the one I did last year: Zentangle Challenge #40 Pinwheels For Peace 2011. And here is the one I did for this challenge:

Zentangle Challenge #83 Duo Tangle

At the beginning of the year, I cleaned out my “studio” (corner of our bedroom :-)) and boxed away my drawing supplies.  I happened to be visiting the Diva yesterday, and decided to do her weekly challenge.  The last one I did was week 51, and they are up to week 83! This weeks challenge was to do a duo tile using the tangles mooka and assunta.  Here is my tile:

I felt a bit rusty, but it was so much fun! Kind of therapeutic too as long as I don’t pressure myself to do one every week… I will have to join in from time to time.  If you are interested, go and visit the Diva at I am the diva – Certified Zentangle Teacher.

Zentangle Challenge #51 “Fife”

This week, the diva has challenged us with a new tangle called “Fife”  Here is my effort:

Zentangle Challenge #50 “Biggify”

This week, the diva challenged us to do a tile with BIG tangles.  I found it pretty easy and fast to do. Not sure about the overall result, but I did finish this week’s challenge in record time 🙂 :