German Bead Babes Go Challenge!

Today is the German Bead Babes Go Challenge:   Blissed out by… your favorite song!  The hosts of this challenge are Stefanie of Stefanies Sammelsurium,  Janna of Palimpa Lim, and Nicki of Nicki’s Reef.

We were to pick our favorite song, and create  jewelry with this song in mind, then have a blog hop of all the participating artists.  I have many songs I like, and for this challenge, I chose “Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” by the Fifth Dimension.  I am not of that generation (just a bit younger :-)), but for some reason, I like it, and it gives me a good feeling.  If you want to listen, click on the album photo below to open a Youtube video of this song :

It makes me smile to think that these crazy hippie kids in the video are now law abiding Seniors in their 60’s  looking towards retirement :-).

I have always thought about making lampwork vessels (aquarius – the water bearer), but never got around to it. So, this challenge spurred me to do it, and here is the vessel pendant I made:

I basically made a hollow bead at the end of my mandrel to fashion the vessel. I guess it will take some practice. With a tiny hole, it caves in on itself, and if I get it too close to the flame, it gets all wonky. So, I kept it as simple as possible for now. And I used the wire wrapping technique that Jodi of Beadworx kindly shares on her tutorial.  It can be filled with essential oils or perfumes. And here is the list of participating artists to visit:
1. Janna Harttgen – Palimpa-Lim

2. Stefanie Teufel – Stefanies Sammelsurium

3. Nicole Keller – Nickis Reef

4. Berit Borchardt – Berit Borchardt

5. Rebecca Anderson – Songbeads

6. Maryse Thillens – Glassbeadart Lampwork

7. Krista French – French Elegant Jewelry

8. Linda Djokic – Lutka and Co

9. Karola Stein – Karolas Fundstuecke

10. Doris Radlicki – Doralila Beads

11. Jenn Judd – Jen Judd Rocks

12. Saskia Kaffenberger – Perlendistel

Thank you Nicki, Janna, & Stefanie for this fun challenge!

Zentangle Challenge #16 Mooka!

This challenge is to create a traditionla zentangle tile using the new tangle named Mooka.  Mooka was designed by Rick and Maria of Zentangle, and inspired by the artwork of Alphonse Mucha.  I am an admirer of his work, and here are some examples:

And here is my zentangle:

Ok, you are probably wondering how they relate;  just go to Zentangle and see how they came up with this design.  My execution could probably have been better :-).