Frida Kahlo Tile

Experimenting with painting on tile. I just doodled Frida Kahlo and painted her on tile, which I found to be very awkward.  It’s very different from painting on canvas. And, you never know how it will turn out until it’s been fired. Despite it all, I think she came out kinda cute 🙂


Ceramics Class

After months of effort, I finally have something to show.  Yes, I do other things creative besides quilting.  I have been having fun making whatever catches my fancy with clay the last few months.  Since I don’t have my own ceramics studio, it has been slow going.  Nevertheless, I’m happy with my first batch of “beginner” pottery.  I made several bowls, a scalloped platter, and Wilma Flintstone inspired beads.  I glazed them all in white.  I like the “rustic/primitive/elementary” look – I am planning on using them 🙂

Conversation with DH: Him “None of the bowls are the same size” (Engineering mind).  Me: “That’s right, that’s what makes them so special” (Engineering mind; also right brain) 😛

I will be making more mismatched and funky tableware 😉