Christmas 2021

A bit late with my Christmas post. The holidays seem to get busier and busier, and I forgot to take photos. So, the Clauses say “goodbye” for now.

Christmas 2018

Due to ongoing home improvements and our “real” fireplace being unavailable, I put together a Vintage Retro Christmas corner in my studio. Complete with a cardboard fireplace.  It brings back memories of my childhood Christmas, especially the aluminum tree.  Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The last few months seem to have passed in a blink of an eye…  I am sitting at my desk, this Christmas Eve, feeling content.  Dear older son , GF, & puppy flew in from WA.  Dear younger son flew in from the Bay, and dear daughter flew back from her research trip to Peru just in time for Christmas.  And of course dear hubby, Koko, & Hiro home as usual.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!



Happy Holidays!

It’s been a very busy last few weeks.  Dear older son has come and gone, dear younger son and dear daughter will be returning to the Bay area and University after the new year.  The quilts I made for them were a hit.  I had been collecting Japanese themed fabrics, and made them all the same quilt, with different sashings.  We also still keep up  the  tradition of “picture with Santa”.  A few years back, it became too difficult to organize going to the mall to take Santa photos, so I bought a Santa costume, and now, dear hubby dons the suit for our annual Santa photo.  It takes a few attempts to get the “almost” perfect shot as the kids are always goofing off.

And, Santa was very generous to me this year – I am now the proud owner of a Featherweight! I can even join the Featherweight club, haha.  And we also picked up dear daughters Elna Grasshopper from the shop – it runs beautifully now.  It belonged to her great grandmother Frederica.  She has named her Freddy :).

Happy New Year to you all!


Wrapping Up The Holidays And Moving Forth

The best part of the holidays were and will always be the gathering of loved ones.  Dear older son flew back to Arizona yesterday, and younger two return to University today.  Here is a photo of the kids taken at my parents house, playfully shoving each other – always hard to get a good photo of them together.  When I bring out the camera, it’s almost a cue for them to make faces and act silly, especially the boys:


Some quick lampwork bead jewelry – a commission from my sister:


And to plant some pink buttercups.  On a cycling ride up to Oak Glen, dear daughter saw these and thought I would enjoy them – so thoughtful!


Now on to tackle all the things I have planned for the year!

Happy New Year 2014!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!!


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Still into vintage 🙂 – My “new” old Santa:Christmas2013

How Lovely Are Your Branches…

Yayyy! I finally got my aluminum Christmas tree up!  I mentioned earlier that I had been on the lookout, and finally found one.  Well, here it is, with a color wheel too.  I set it up in the bonus room, where the kids hang out when they come home.  It so reminds me of my childhood…


Happy Thanksgiving

Earlier this month, dear daughter was involved in a cycling crash and airlifted to the hospital…  She has recovered quite well with the addition of a few battle scars.

On this day and everyday, I am thankful to God for my family, friends, community, and Country.  Have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving!


October Garden 2013 & Update

A quick post about my October garden, and some other things.  Pomegranates are  the October standout in my garden.  They are delicious! I don’t know why, but a lot of them have split, but nevertheless they are very good.   Dear Hubby and I went to the Claremont Faire last week.  There was an amazing stained glass artist.  I came home with a glass dragonfly :).  And the Senior Center where one of my quilting groups meet had a costume competition – so I took a photo with a “Sumo” wrestler (not my husband. Just a random Senior dressed as a Sumo wrestler 🙂 ).  Happy Halloween!


Happy 4th of July!

Have a safe and fun 4th of July!

As I was walking along taking pictures of July 4th decorations, Hiro walked by…


April 2013 Garden Part 2

I know I blogged about my garden already this month. But, after my gardener did his MAJOR clean up of our front/back yard and groves, I was inspired to plant some flowers in the front garden.  I planted gerbera daisies, gazanias, tea tree plant, calla lilies, and a daisy bush. Some areas of the garden, it is a constant battle with the gophers and raccoons.  Hopefully, some of these flowers will take and proliferate.  Every year, I find myself getting slower and slower in the garden. And when the sun breaks out, I’m pretty much done – it is already getting kind of hot around here.

April2013Garden2_1 April2013Garden2_2 April2013Garden2_3 April2013Garden2_4 April2013Garden2_5

I’ve included this photo of my Easter decorations. Sometimes, I stop in my tracks, get distracted by something else, and put off what was at task. They are gathered on my dining table. Here they are, chatting and partying before I get around to putting them away in boxes for storage until next year: