Show And Tell

While dear daughter was home on spring break, she crocheted this adorable elephant for her friends birthday gift.  I encouraged her to make more and I would put it in her Etsy shop.  She is just like her mother… she prefers to make things and give them away as gifts rather than sell them.

Dear hubby and I attended our friends Rotary Club fundraiser at the Country Club. Look what I won at the silent auction – a basket full of natural wool items! It even came with a bar of goats milk soap, hand knitted mohair scarf, and a gift certificate for a free lesson.  I think I’m going to take the spinning class:


A Girl And Her Bows

Dear daughter has been creative lately. It’s funny how we rub off on each other; DD is active, I start walking.  I start quilting, and DD starts making bows… And, since she is sooo busy, I have volunteered to photograph and list her small business efforts.  She started making bows to wear, and decided it was just as easy to make two.  So, I present, DD’s “Tres chic” bows. You can find them in her Etsy shop – Cutie Pie Misfits: