A Busy Weekend

The last few weeks have been a bit stressful to say the least.  Youngest child, last college application process… A few more weeks, and we should know where we stand.  I say “we” as this application process is a “family activity”.  As DD has not a clue what she wants to study, we took an opportunity to attend the Society Of Women Engineers Conference last weekend.  She was not too thrilled at the idea initially, but after the first seminar, she was hooked!


We had also signed up for a swimsuit sewing class the next day.  I have never sewn lycra before, so it was very interesting for me.  We chose patterns, traced, cut, and learned how to sew lycra.  Neither DD or I managed to complete our suits during class, so we both have some homework to complete.


I can’t remember the last time I put on a swimsuit… Hmmm, maybe I’m not in such a hurry to finish my suit after all.Sewing2

Art Class Part I

Yesterday, I participated in part I of a two part art class taught by Anneli Pendley.  Anneli is a local artist involved with the Redlands Conservancy.  As part of their fundraiser, she graciously offered the class to interested parties. There were six of us in all, and the day turned out to be fun as well as educational.  We went from learning basic color theory to drawing with chalk. I have never worked with chalk, so it was  a great learning experience for me. Anneli also served a wonderful lunch which we ate out on her sunny patio.   Here is a photo of our little group:

And here are the two drawings I completed:

They are both of local canyons with orange trees to the front.

Photograph And Image Editing Workshop

I attended a Photograph and Image Editing workshop today at the RAA. Our instructor was Lisa Mozzini-McDill. It turned out to be an informative class since I was never really aware of the optimum conditions for taking photos – I always thought more light the better. And, also learing about image editing techniques – I usually did the Ctrl-L, fix the brightness thing. As an example, I took a painting my sister did of me when I was a teenager. We took photos of our artwork, downloaded it onto our PC’s and went at it. Here are some examples of image enhancements and adjustments(the upper left photo is the original):

And here are a couple of shots of our instructor and fellow students taking photos of artwork:

Izannah Walker Workshop

It has been many many years since I last made a doll … But, I do still love them. In fact, my blog/business name “lutka” means “dolls” in my husbands native Croatian. I dabbled in making dolls and selling them under lutkaandco over twenty years ago – whew! how time flies. The name kind of stuck, and I use it to this day.  Oh, I am rambling on, I just wanted to share a neat on-line workshop I stumbled upon:  The Izannah Walker Workshop – Like I really need another project, but I couldn’t resist. My daughter and I have decided to do it together – it should be fun! Here are some photos of Izannah Walker dolls:


Oh, and I have listed a few more items in my Etsy store. Here are a couple of them: