Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #35 Journey

My grandparents were here in the U.S. during the turn of the century, but in early 1900’s they returned to their homeland.  This is the journey my mother, sisters, and I made to join our father here in the 60’s:


I was literally a FOB back then :-).  We sailed the Pacific on the Sakura Maru.  An officer of the ship was assigned to dine with every family/group. I was only 7 then, but I remember thinking we had the most handsome officer at our table :-).  For the first few days, the poor man had to dine with me alone, since my mother and sisters were seasick.  Our Port Of Entry into the U.S. was Honolulu Hawaii.  We arrived there on my birthday – what wonderful happenstance was that!

The digital graphics for this theme leaves a lot to be desired, but I really love the feeling it evokes.  Here are the credits:

Mount. Fuji, Diamond Head, Sakura Maru, Hula Girl, Flags:  All Google images

Polaroid overlay: Shadowhouse Creations

Zentangle Challenge #1 Simplicity

Here is challenge #1 in my effort  to “catch up” –  the theme was “Simplicity”.  I just went and started drawing and this is the result:

When I showed DH my efforts, I got the same look I got over 20 years ago when I showed him my cross stiching projects.  He just doesn’t get it :-).