Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #45 Animal

I came across an amazing artist; Daniel Lee.  His work is unique, thought provoking, and a little bit disturbing – I love it!  Anyway, I wanted to try something like his art, but failed miserably:


I took a photo of Marilyn and superimposed it with  the face of a very beautiful white cat.  It looks more like a mask.  One day, I hope to improve my digital manipulation skills to do this job correctly.  If you step back far enough, and squint your eyes ( a lot), it looks much better :-).  Here are the credits:

Marilyn & cat: Google Images

Grunge frame & Overlay:  HG Designs

Zentangle Challenge #18 EGGZZZZellent

This week, we were to zentangle an egg.  I drew the egg in two pieces. The crack on the egg does not fit the other 🙂

It looks a bit wonky… whatever.

Zentangle Challenge #14 Walk The Line

Whew! I am finally caught up!

As the title says, walk the line – we were to draw a tile with only straight lines – no curves!