A Gift Quilt

DH’s Academic Advisor for his PhD will be retiring from teaching soon.  And his dear wife recently retired from her career as a Medical Doctor.  So, it was time to make another quilt! They are originally from New Zealand, and I found this wonderful vintage tablecloth on Ebay.  I used a kit I had, called the Carriage Quilt.  It is amazing how well the colors of the quilt kit and vintage tablecloth came together.  It turned out to be a double sided quilt.   I love vintage, and I hope they do too.





Ceramics Class

After months of effort, I finally have something to show.  Yes, I do other things creative besides quilting.  I have been having fun making whatever catches my fancy with clay the last few months.  Since I don’t have my own ceramics studio, it has been slow going.  Nevertheless, I’m happy with my first batch of “beginner” pottery.  I made several bowls, a scalloped platter, and Wilma Flintstone inspired beads.  I glazed them all in white.  I like the “rustic/primitive/elementary” look – I am planning on using them🙂

Conversation with DH: Him “None of the bowls are the same size” (Engineering mind).  Me: “That’s right, that’s what makes them so special” (Engineering mind; also right brain)😛

I will be making more mismatched and funky tableware😉





Another Birthday Quilt


Another dear friend of mine had a Birthday.  I made her a lap quilt with Kaffe Fasset fabric.  I hope she liked it… Save

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Citrus Belt Quilter’s Show And Share


I have been a member of our local Quilt Guild, The Citrus Belt Quilters for the last two years.  One of the things they do during their monthly meetings is Show And Share.  It’s always fun and amazing to see all the wonderful and creative Quilts everyone makes.  Thus far, I have sat on the […]

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A Wedding Tablecloth


Muriel’s daughter recently got married.  I thought it would be fun to design fabric from Muriel’s artwork, and sew up a tablecloth as a wedding gift.  Her favorite color is orange, so I picked Muriel’s Orange art, designed a repeating pattern, and uploaded to Spoonflower.  I found orange fabric with an orange peel look to […]

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Birthday Quilts For My Sisters


My sisters love my quilts, but maybe three Birthdays in a row is a bit much… I had some really cute vintage quilt tops, so I made them up into Birthday gifts for my sisters, again🙂.  I will have to think of something else for next year.  

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Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone! DH and I celebrated Mother’s Day and his Birthday early with Morning Tea.  We were a bit early, so we ducked into a thrift store next door to the Tea Shop.  And look what I found –  a Retro 60’s sewing machine, mounted in its own table! A Calanda 650, […]

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A Visit to Piecemakers


The last time I visited my parents in Orange County, I had a chance to stop by Piecemakers Country Store.  Oh, it was such a delight to browse, and look at all the amazing fabrics and supplies for all the things I love to do! Quilting, needlework, beading, etc.  The list goes on and on.  […]

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Rose Painting


My friend Terrie and I recently took a rose painting class with artist Christy Repasy.  We headed down to Fallbrook, and spent a day in her studio having fun and learning how to paint roses in Christy’s style – Victorian/Shabby Chic (my rose is third from left).

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Still Life


Finally finished painting my Still Life.  I am really starting to enjoy painting.  I find myself looking at things with a different perspective. Always thinking how it would translate on to canvas.  As always, my mind races, and is way ahead of my skill level.  Oh well, as they say, practice, practice, practice…

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Still Hiking


I have found such peace and satisfaction in hiking… New boots that don’t pinch, goofing off, and enjoying my surroundings…

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Baby Booties


Another friend of mine became a grandmother, for the fourth time!🙂 – she has an adorable granddaughter.  I saw this on Pinterest, and of course just had to make a pair:

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