Look Who’s Come To Stay…

I received an unexpected package in the mail the other day…  Can you see him?


Yup, a dinosaur planter! Isn’t he cute!  He’s already made himself at home, partying it up by the pool…


Checking out Mini Blythe…


Success!  Now, they are inseparable…


He’s so at home comfy, he’s already borrowing my jewelry:


Thank you Chris! ( A Little Creation), my past and ongoing swap buddy 🙂

Blythe Physical Challenge #80 Flower Power

I knew my vintage “flower Power” pins would come in handy someday. This weeks Blythe Physical Challenge was to photograph Blythe in public with flowers…  A stroll down the neighborhood with Freddie, long hair flowing, decked out in “flower power” pins:


Blythe Physical Challenge #75 “Blythe Loves MTV”

I missed the last Blythe Physical Challenge, so I decided to make an effort to do the current one.  The theme is “Blythe Loves MTV”. We were to pick an MTV video and depict Blythe in it in public.  It’s been forever since I watched an MTV video.  The one that came to mind first was “Mr. Roboto”, the song written by Dennis DeYoung of the band Styx, and recorded on the album Kilroy Was Here.  I am giving away my age 😉

Here is the link to the video, if anyone is interested:


And here is my rendition for the challenge.  Pinkie is getting ready for her “Mr. Roboto” performance at our local Bowl.  The woman in the background kindly blessed us and wished us a nice day:


Blythe Physical Challenge #77 – Happy Joke Day!

This challenge was a bit, yes, challenging.  So, what to do when you can’t think of a good harmless April Fools joke? Google it!  And this is what I came up with for this  Blythe Physical Challenge:

Blue spent a good part of the morning sitting off the side of the road with her “Free Cookies!” stand… Alas, no takers.  Maybe when dear younger son wakes up from his spring break stupor… 🙂


Blythe Physical Challenge #76 – Which came first?

BPC#76 – Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

For this challenge, Lily, DD, and I headed out to our favorite candy store where we knew there would be lots and lots of yummy “chocolate” eggs.  The ladies in their usual white dresses were as kind as can be.

After careful consideration, Lily concluded that the chicken must have come first since pink chicky hopped off my craft table, and onto to her beanie before we left the house, and then she saw all the yummy chocolate eggs at the store!


Go and see what others in the BPC group have come up with: Blythe Physical Challenge

Blythe Physical Challenge #75 “Blythe Channels Her Favorite Starlet!”

BPC#75 is Blythe channeling her favorite starlet. In this case, Hana is portraying Audrey Hepburn playing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady:

Take one: “I ain’t dirty! I washed my face and hands before I come, I did.” says Hana…


I made a quick hat to match, uploaded a poster into PS, stood Hana in front of my monitor, and took the photo.  A bit of a glare, but the best I could do 🙂

Blythe Physical Challenge #74 “Who Do You Love?”

I’ve been looking for something to do with my “girls”, and found this fun Flicker Group called “Blythe Physical Challenge”.  Every two weeks, they come up with an idea wherein you are challenged to photograph your Blythe doll in real life human situations and places.  At the very least, it gives me a chance to play with my dolls, improve my photography skills, and stretch my creativity!

This weeks challenge is to take a photo of Blythe in public showing who she loves.  This  being my first challenge, I ventured out as far into “public” as my front driveway.  It’s just as well since I was flat on my belly still in my pajamas trying to get the best angle for this shot.  As I am doing this, I’m thinking to myself, OMG, I am turning into a crazy doll lady!!! Kind of like the crazy cat lady, but not as bad ;-). Just kidding – no offense intended to all the crazy cat ladies out there.  My sister is a crazy cat lady…


I call it “A Mother’s Worst Nightmare”.  Of course, Olive (my newest Blythe) has to fall for Raphael, the teams “bad boy”.  Aside from the fact that he lives in a storm sewer, and didn’t go to college, he’s not so bad I guess… at least he’s one of the good guys, and  doesn’t sport tattoos or plugs – wait, he doesn’t have ear lobes!

I always wondered why I kept the boys toys after all these years. I bet they never thought their mom would be playing with them now ;-).

If you want to join in the challenge, head on over to the Flicker Group. Oh, and here is a funny discussion about how many cats you need to qualify to be a crazy cat lady “How many cats do I need to get to become a crazy cat lady“.

Handmade Dress…

Well, I finally finished the dress for my daughter…  I have always considered myself a pretty competent seamstress, but I guess it had been quite a few years since I actually sewed an article of clothing.  The execution was good, but I was way off on the dress size.  I should have known better, my daughter wears a size 5/6, but after measuring her, I sewed a size 12 dress! Needless to say, it came out VERY big. My engineering mind told me to go with the numbers – numbers don’t lie.  But something went awfully wrong.  Not a total loss, I took the scraps and made my Blythe doll Blue, a skirt:

Good thing – My daughter and I went with a friend and her daughter to the LA Fashion District for a Prom dress, so we are covered :-).

Blythe, Military Girl

It’s been a while since my Blythe girls were featured.

I recently participated in a challenge that used a kit called “Military Girl“. Since I do not have the honor of knowing any women serving in our armed forces, I used my Blythe doll Hana as a model:

She is dressed in military garb “borrowed” from my son’s action figures ( I knit the cap).  And here is the layout I made:

I added a quote from Calvin Coolidge which I felt conveyed my feelings.

Strawberry Summer Kit & Freebie

Just in time for the summer! Created By Jill Scraps has a new kit out.  It is called Strawberry Summer, and is filled with lots of fun summer elements and papers:

And here is a layout I made.  My model is my Blythe doll Blue, appropriately dressed in a strawberry outfit with a basketful of strawberries from our garden :-):

And here is a Quick Page for you to download:

I also made a cluster frame:

 And you can download the frame here:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 22/52

I saw these cute bird motifs in the scrapbook section of our local craft shop, and figured they would come in handy some time.  Well, I used it for this weeks challenge, and made Pinkie a birdie bonnett:




Pinkie & Blue

Well, guess who came to live with us on Mother’s day? Pinkie and Blue!

They are more Lilac and Peppermint, but after my recent visit to The Huntington, I decided to name them Pinkie (right) and Blue (left) :-).

Apparently there are local Blythe Meets from time to time – I will have to try and attend the next one.  They also have an annual Blythe Convention – too far away to attend: BlytheCon2011