Bird A Week Challenge: Week 17/52

Oh my, only week 17 of 52!  I really am running out of ideas right now.  I started off doing one thing, and it didnt work, so I cropped, stamped, colored, poked a hole, and hung a bead.  And , “voila” a birdie bookmark:

Drawing Lab 2011: Art Journal

When I got this assignment, I was really excited. We were to come up with an art journal using watercolors, stamping, collaging, drawing, embellishing, etc. It started off ok, then I was just trying to salvage it:

I was trying to use paper dolls that I drew as my theme.  I made the background too colorful, and the dolls didn’t show up, so I drew black around them (too much).  Then I had to try to pull it all together with the black… well, it was fun doing it.