Zentangle Challenge#37 “Kiss My Grids”

For this weeks challenge, we were to do a tangle based on grids.  And here is what I came up with:

“Bloomin” Quick Page Freebie

I recently got to play with Created By Jill Scraps kit “Bloomin”:

Here is the layout I made. I used a vintage photo of a mother and daughter from Altered Artifacts:

And here is the freebie for you to download:

I will have a second QP freebie. Check back in a couple of days.

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #7

This week’s lab was again student’s choice.  I decided to do a mandala:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 34/52

For this weeks challenge, I decided to do a layout featuring our dog Hiro with his bird toy:

A Photography Challenge

This is what happens when you’re home from college, no gainful summer employment, and sleeping until 3:00pm: You become the victim subject of your mother’s latest obsession interest – photography! I found another challenge, a photography/scrap layout one.  The challenge was to photograph a person or animal jumping.  Since my eldest is back at his apartment, my daughter has a bum knee from ACL surgery, and  tossing our already neurotic poodle in the air was out of the question, the task fell on my younger son.  When he woke at 3:00pm, I marched him outside and had him jump several times while I attempted to take “action” shots.  He didn’t even have time to put on his contacts – he is wearing his “cool Martin Scorsese glasses” (as he puts it) – I offered to put masking tape on it :-).  And here are my/his efforts:

And here is the layout I made for the challenge:

I had a lot of fun.  And younger son proceeded to go to our local Family Services Organization for his volunteer work :-).

Zentangle Challenge #36 “Assunta”

This week, the Diva has challenged us to do a zentangle with the new tangle “Assunta” by Rick & Maria of Zentangle.  I had fun with this one:

A Need For Inspiration…

I sat at my table today on an off for hours just putting things together, then putting them aside.  It seems I have “beaders block”  – if there is such a thing.   If I am participating in a challenge, it inspires me, and I am full of ideas, but to just sit and create, it’s just not happening right now.  Maybe I just need to take a small break.  Maybe I should go back and finally finish my Izannah Walker doll :-).

Here is what I fiddled around with today… I love these colors:

My Sunshine

I can’t seem to stop doing challenges and layouts. Here is one of my daughter when she was a sweet little thing – before she turned into the teenager who knows everything! 🙂 Just kidding – she’s a great girl :-):

Summer’s Last Hoorah…

I just did a layout for another challenge, and used a photo of my daughter and her friends from their last trip to the beach before school started:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 33/52

While I was making beads for my BSBP partner, I was able to squeeze in this little owl.  He has crazy eyes, but is cute nonetheless. I used vintage finds and made him into a pendant:

Drawing Lab 2011: Botanicals

This weeks assignment was to fill a page of my sketch book with a botanical design.  I chose the water lily in the small pond in our backyard.  I planted the lily several years ago, and this year, it has taken over the tiny pond and has graced us with a continuous show of pretty purple flowers:

CSD QP Challenge “Aftermath” & Freebie

Coolscrapdigitals August Quick Page Challenge features Chili Designz Kit, “Aftermath”.  Aftermath is a pretty soft hued kit, and here is the layout I made:

And here is the freebie for you to download: