Drawing Lab 2011: Christmas Tree

This is finally the last Drawing Lab assignment, to draw a Christmas Tree.  I wanted to draw our very own Christmas Tree, but as is usually the case, life gets in the way.  With both boys home, and the hectic holiday season, I decided to draw Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. I like it for it’s simplicity and meaning:

Merry Christmas Everyone! And God Bless!

Jeannie’s Art Beads

My art instructor, Jeannie Dukic of the Drawing Lab is not only a talented artist, but also a very talented jewelry designer.  She offered her beautiful art beads to us as a challenge in making our own jewelry.  Here are the beads she sent me – handmade polymer clay beads with real gold leaf:

And here is what I created. A bracelet and earring set. I love to combine metals; gold and silver:

Thank you Jeannie for providing me with such beautiful beads to work with! 🙂

Bird A Week Challenge: Weeks 51 & 52

Well, this is it.  I started the challenge with the best intentions.  Somewhere along the line, coming up with a bird a week idea became a challenge in itself.  So, to finish off, I drew a  partridge in a pear tree, and two turtle doves:

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #15

Well, I thought this was our last drawing lab.  There is one more, and our official last lab was to be the traveling journal.  Well, I got it, and sent it on to the next student in Germany, and it got lost – on my watch…  Maybe one day, it will reach her.  So, for my second to the “last” lab, I drew a partridge and a pear tree:

Bird A Week Challenge: Weeks 49 & 50

Just two more weeks of this challenge? For week 49, I am featuring a bird in a basket ornament I made. And for week 50, I am featuring a little cardinal my niece made out of a walnut sitting on a brazil nut:


Drawing Lab 2011: Textures

This week, we were assigned to draw using different textures.  I drew a bowl of flowers with fabric underneath.  I’m not sure I got any specific textures – with my lack of skill, everything seems to be the same texture 🙂 :

Zentangle Challenge #51 “Fife”

This week, the diva has challenged us with a new tangle called “Fife”  Here is my effort:

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #14

I decided to work with pastels again this week. Not sure I like the medium – a bit too messy for me.  Anyway, I attempted a Pablo Picasso style self portrait. Not sure I achieved it, but here it is:

November Garden 2011

I haven’t done much gardening lately – my vegetable garden is an overgrown mess! So, I will just have to share the beauty of fall foliage in the desert region of Southern California. It’s nothing compared to other parts of the country, but remarkably, we do have some :-). Not much in my front grove, but in my back yard & grove, there is a bit:

Our street:

Our front grove:

The fig tree in our back yard:

A young pomegranate tree in our back grove:

And our very yummy fuyu persimmons:

And here are a bit more colorful scenes from my neighborhood:

A neighborhood ginkgo tree – the stand out for sure:

Christmas Fun & QP Freebie

Here is AneczkaW’s  second Christmas kit that I played with “Christmas Fun“:

Here is the layout I made:

And here is the QP Freebie for you to download:


Zentangle Challenge #50 “Biggify”

This week, the diva challenged us to do a tile with BIG tangles.  I found it pretty easy and fast to do. Not sure about the overall result, but I did finish this week’s challenge in record time 🙂 :

Christmas Love & QP Freebie

Well, Thanksgiving is over, and on to Christmas! What better way to start the season than to do some Holiday layouts – AneczkaW has some wonderful Christmas kits.  I worked with a couple of them, and here is the first one, “Christmas Love“:

Here is the layout I made:

And here is the QP Freebie for you to download: