“Cup Of Bead Soup” Featured Artist For August!

I have the honor of being the “Cup Of Bead Soup Artist” for the month of August over at Lori Andersons Pretty Things Blog.  If you don’t know Lori already, she is a very talented jewelry designer, and articulate blogger.  Lori also hosts the semi-annual Bead Soup Blog Party.  In fact, sign ups start today. If you’re into jewelry making, or want to try, go check it out at Lori’s blog.  Anyway, back to Cup Of Bead Soup.  In a nut shell, I send Lori beads that I create, and in turn, Lori makes and shares her jewelry making techniques using my beads during the month of August. Doesn’t that sound like fun! And here are the beads I sent her:

I included my favorite beads; sculpted roses, encased florals, hollow beads, and my current obsession, vessels.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.  Check in with Lori from time to time this month to see what she creates!