A Photography Challenge

This is what happens when you’re home from college, no gainful summer employment, and sleeping until 3:00pm: You become the victim subject of your mother’s latest obsession interest – photography! I found another challenge, a photography/scrap layout one.  The challenge was to photograph a person or animal jumping.  Since my eldest is back at his apartment, my daughter has a bum knee from ACL surgery, and  tossing our already neurotic poodle in the air was out of the question, the task fell on my younger son.  When he woke at 3:00pm, I marched him outside and had him jump several times while I attempted to take “action” shots.  He didn’t even have time to put on his contacts – he is wearing his “cool Martin Scorsese glasses” (as he puts it) – I offered to put masking tape on it :-).  And here are my/his efforts:

And here is the layout I made for the challenge:

I had a lot of fun.  And younger son proceeded to go to our local Family Services Organization for his volunteer work :-).