A Need For Inspiration…

I sat at my table today on an off for hours just putting things together, then putting them aside.  It seems I have “beaders block”  – if there is such a thing.   If I am participating in a challenge, it inspires me, and I am full of ideas, but to just sit and create, it’s just not happening right now.  Maybe I just need to take a small break.  Maybe I should go back and finally finish my Izannah Walker doll :-).

Here is what I fiddled around with today… I love these colors:


  1. I know exactly what you mean – a creative block is happening here too:-)

  2. That happens to me, too. Sometimes taking a break and being creative in another way–even cooking or rearranging furniture helps. Good Luck!

  3. Love the colors! They are perfect for fall!

    I have to admit that happened to me on Friday. Dropped my son off at a friends so that I could ‘work’ for 2 hours and all I did was half make a bunch of things that were ALMOST right… ahhhh, back at it, I guess! 😀

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