“Catch A Wave” Quick Page Freebie

Created By Jill Scraps has just released a new kit called “Catch A Wave” – another great summer/beach themed kit:

 Here is a layout I made with the kit:

The photos are from our last trip to the beach; some random sights, and people that happen to be in the view of my camera.  I also left room on the layout for journaling.  And here is the Freebie Quick Page to download:

Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #37 Eyes

Well, I had meant to complete half of the 100 Themes Challenge by years end, but I seem to have gotten distracted with one thing or another.  So, I sat myself down, and did theme #37 Eyes:

I think Bette Davis has one of the most beautiful and rivetting eyes.  I actually colored them blue if you look up close.  And here are the credits:

Bette Davis Photos:  Google Images

Song Lyrics: Kim Carnes

Background: FeiFei Designs

Overlay: LCS Designs

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 30/52

Well, the end of the week arrived sooner than I realized.  I have some ideas for more “Bird Of The Week” challenge projects, but for this week, I chose my daughter’s childhood drawing that has graced our kitchen wall these many years:

I think these are my favorite kind of art – Children’s Art!

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #5

For this weeks Student’s Choice, I decided to do “Learning by Tracing”.  I chose an old photo of Frida Kahlo as my subject:

At first, I thought Frida would be an interesting/easy? subject because of her unique qualities.  Well, I had to laugh at my own sketch.  I don’t think I did her justice – perhaps with more practice?…

Happy Birthday “Deprived” Middle Child :-)

Well, the years keep passing faster and faster.  My younger son just celebrated his 19th birthday.  He will be a Sophomore in college and stands over a head taller than me – how fast they grow! I am beginning to sound like a broken record :-):

His usual joking line is ” well, I’m only the middle child”  – he is far from that! I was the youngest of four girls, and I would have loved to have had an older brother and a younger sister.  I think he does, though he will never admit it :-).  Oh, and I recently found this photo from his Mr. Alpha Chi – Not pageant, representing his ice hockey team (isn’t he cute!):

Zentangle Challenge #32 “Zentangle Is For Everyone”

This weeks guest Zentangle teacher is Carole Ohl.  Carole has challenged us with using four different tangles: Pais, Zedbra, Keenees, and Baton. And here is my tile:

I enjoyed this challenge. It’s always fun to learn different patterns.

A Happy Anniversary

DH and I just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.  I have not even begun to start converting all the film photos to digital format, but I happened to have this scanned photo:

I have been playing with photoshop elements actions, textures, and overlays – so much fun! I used The Black Cat Photography Bokeh overlay on this photo.

At Second Glance, Not Such A Reject…

I have a jar in my lampwork studio that I toss beads that I deem “rejects”.  Well, the last time I sat at my torch, I glanced over and saw a bead I made some time ago.  I picked it up, and on second glance, and with a different perspective, it didn’t seem so bad anymore:

I admire Lydia Muell of Ashton Jewels.  So much so that I purchased several of her tutorials.  I experimented, and this bead was one of the results.  I think back then, I was trying too much to duplicate her beads.  Thus, I deemed this bead subpar, which was unfair.  It is wonderful that these artists are willing to share their knowledge and skills.  What I ultimately got out of the tutorial was to learn new/different techniques, and in turn apply them to my own style of bead making.  I think I will keep this bead after all :-).

Photoshop Elements Class Update

I seem to do my Hummie’s World PSE class assignments in spurts.  Here are some of the latest layouts I made:




From L-R, Top-Bottom: Dotted Line tutorial, Feather Vignette Tutorial, Out Of Bounds Tutorial, and Color Isolation tutorial. Credits can be seen at my Gallery.



Another Step To Independence…

21 years ago, my eldest son was born.  It seems like just yesterday that he was this small:

Well, it’s that time… Up until now, he lived in his college dorm, then onto on-campus apartments.  Now he will be living off campus for his last year.  So, his buddies just helped him move into his new apartment.  Not completely independent, but getting there…

One almost grown, two more to go.  For so many years, I have defined myself as “such and such’s mother”.  I’m seriously going to have to start thinking of what I want to do when “I grow up”…

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 29/52

This was a last minute creation. I couldn’t think of what to do for this weeks challenge, and then I remembered the birdie buttons in my button bin:

They are children’s buttons.  I incorporated  vintage lucite flowers and pearls, swarovski crystals, czech pressed glass, and finished them off with sterling silver.  I think they came out really cute!

Drawing Lab 2011: Mandala’s

For this week’s assignment, we were instructed to draw a mandala. I chose a circular design, and colored it in rainbow colors: