Happy Easter 2011!

When my children were younger, I loved decorating the house for all the holidays.  These days, it takes a bit more effort.  Since the boys are home from college for the weekend, I decided to do some decorating.  Of course, my daughter says she feels shortchanged, but in reality, she is hardly at home – or it seems so to me .  I guess I am at the age where I am a bit young to be a grandmother, yet my children are too old to get really excited about all the holidays, oh well.  Anyway, I went looking in the garage for the boxes of Easter decorations only to realize we REALLY need to do a major spring cleaning in there.  I spent a few minutes looking, and decided to forget it.  So, I am just making do with the decorations I had stashed around the house.  These bunnies my daughter made in elementary school are one of my favorites:

And to give my boys equal time, here are their artful endeavors from elementary school.  Not Easter themed, but this is what they liked making:

I do believe the creature on the left was meant to be me :-).  I may resemble her on my off days :-).  And to the right is no one in particular – just a monster I think.  And here are a few more photos of decorations I managed to find:

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