Drawing Lab 2011: Sketch x 20

For this lab, we were asked to choose a subject and draw it at least 20 times during one sitting ( I drew 24).  I have a Betty Boop doll that sits on my work table and keeps me company.  My daughter won it for me from a claw machine when she was very young.  She used to run around the ice rinks waiting for her brothers to get off the ice.  This was before she started playing ice hockey herself.  And here she is:

The next day, we were to spread the cards out on a table, take some time to review them, and pick our favorites, and answer two questions.  Why do I like them? I like the first one because it’s cute, I like the latter ones because I improved in my detailing. What do they have in common? Aside from the first one, the ones I chose look better and they are more detailed

I think the ones in the middle were the worst since  I was trying different things, and frankly I was getting bored.  I picked up some speed toward the end and started concentrating and paying more attention to what I was drawing, knowing I was almost finished.

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