Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #18 Rain

I like to try to use as much of my own graphics for these challenges.  It doesn’t rain very often around here, and when it does, I can’t seem to get very good photos of the rain.  I did however have some nice photos of rain drops on plants.  So, I went from there, and added some teru teru bozu’s.  Teru teru bozu’s are traditional Japanese handmade dolls made out of cloth or paper.   They are usually made by children to wish for fair weather.  Some say to hang them upside down would mean a wish for rain.  I chose to hang mine right side up:


It was fun making these dolls again.  There is even a song associated with teru teru bozu.  Here is a cute one I found on You Tube Teru Teru Bozu Song, and dancing Teru Teru Bozu.


Butterfly overlay:  Vera Lim Designs

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