Pink Saturday Peonies

I’ve noticed a few bloggers participating in Pink Saturday over at How Sweet The Sound.  And, I just love the color Pink, so I am posting one of my favorite flowers – Pink Peonies.  Unfortunately, it’s too hot where we live to grow peonies, but I can indulge in them seasonally at our local Trader Joe’s:

Peonies1 Peonies2 Peonies3 Peonies4 Peonies5

Photo Mask #16 Freebie

Thought I’d give dads an equal time – here is a simple, yet meaningful photo mask for that special day. Personal use only – Enjoy!




Patriotic Ornaments

I had lunch with a few of my friends the other day.  They asked me what do I do with all my vintage finds?  I told them I make things, why?… just because.  I love my friends, but I don’t think they get it.  Right now, it’s just something that gives me pleasure – to create.  So, I made this bunny tussie mussie patriotic ornament for a swap that Viv organized.  I got the tussie mussie idea from Nancy, she makes the prettiest tussie mussies. And here is another one that I made.  I’m glad I was able to use the bunny and teddy.  I might just pick up the giant needles again and make a few more felted cuties (and poke myself in the process).

OrnieSwap_1 OrnieSwap_2

June 2013 Garden

There are so may flowers in bloom in our garden right now,  but I’ll focus on the hollyhocks.  They have kindly returned every year for the past three years, surprising us with such a variety of pretty colors.


Here is a view of our front entrance.  The flowers are so pretty, and they seem to grow taller every year. Do you see the scratches on the lower left of our door?


Here is the little culprit – Koko. She has figured out how to sneak through to our neighbors yard in the back, and come around to the front to scratch at the door.  This happens if I don’t let her back in right away… little stinker.



DD graduated from HS last night. Our youngest child… so happy for her to move on to college, but I will miss her…


Art In The Park

The other weekend, DH and I experienced what “empty nest” would be like.  DD took off for an overnight trip to Disneyland with friends.  We started the morning with breakfast out – nice! Then we headed to our local event “Art In The Park”.


They had an exhibit as well at the Smiley Library.  Here is a photo I took of a drawing done by Leo Politi.  He is one of my favorite artists. I am lucky enough to own one of his lithographs, the three little Japanese girls.



Here I am with my very talented friend, Muriel Dolemieux.  She is a local artist from France.  Muriel paints the most vibrant paintings of citrus and flowers.  I am very fortunate to own two of her works; one I purchased, and the other gifted to me by a very dear friend.




And I just had to add this photo.  After a full day, DH napping on the couch with Hiro.  Hiro actually sleeps with all fours in the air, but I took too long to grab the camera and get a shot – he rolled over and gave me the eye for making such a ruckus.


Photo Mask #15 Freebie

I’ve made a simple gradient style photo mask to kick off summer vacation.  Personal use only please. Enjoy!