Making Beads

You know what they say is the definition of insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  That about sums it up for my efforts in making lampwork beads… I make them, list them, and “hope” to sell them.  At the very least to support my lampwork beading habit… Am I insane?  Whatever, I have fun doing it, and a husband who just wants me to be happy, sooo…

I took advantage of cool weather we had a couple of weeks ago, and sat down to make some beads.  And I am finally getting down to listing these beads on Etsy.  Once I start making beads, it’s a lot of fun, but my mind is racing in so many directions these days, I don’t think much about sitting down in front of the torch.  And now, the weather is unbearably hot, so I may just have to wait till the fall to do it again.  Any way, here are a few sets I managed to make, they can be found at my Etsy shop (my insanity is kicking in again! :)).


I added the “Bead Babes” at the last minute.  What do you think? do they help? 😉