Art In The Park

The other weekend, DH and I experienced what “empty nest” would be like.  DD took off for an overnight trip to Disneyland with friends.  We started the morning with breakfast out – nice! Then we headed to our local event “Art In The Park”.


They had an exhibit as well at the Smiley Library.  Here is a photo I took of a drawing done by Leo Politi.  He is one of my favorite artists. I am lucky enough to own one of his lithographs, the three little Japanese girls.



Here I am with my very talented friend, Muriel Dolemieux.  She is a local artist from France.  Muriel paints the most vibrant paintings of citrus and flowers.  I am very fortunate to own two of her works; one I purchased, and the other gifted to me by a very dear friend.




And I just had to add this photo.  After a full day, DH napping on the couch with Hiro.  Hiro actually sleeps with all fours in the air, but I took too long to grab the camera and get a shot – he rolled over and gave me the eye for making such a ruckus.


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