Photo Mask #14 Freebie

This is a simple mask, but a very meaningful one to many of us.  In our case, DD’s HS graduation.  So, for those of you who will be using this mask, Congratulations!  PU only please.



Another Pinkeep

Now that I am in a creative mood, I need to make sure that I actually get to the “creating” part.  I have a tendency to get an idea for a project, gather the materials, then move on to the next idea in my head before implementing and completing my first project.  With this in mind, I sat myself down at my desk  and finished DD’s pinkeep.  Since she will be off to College in the fall, I added a few more things.  I used a vintage Josef owl toothpick holder to hold the little scissors, and thread.  I also added a little button for a needle station. I think it came out pretty cute:


Photo Mask #13 Freebie

The mask I made this week is a bit faded/lower opacity so the best use would be a darker photo on a lighter background (or vice versa, I suppose).  Personal use only – Enjoy!



Look Who’s Come To Stay…

I received an unexpected package in the mail the other day…  Can you see him?


Yup, a dinosaur planter! Isn’t he cute!  He’s already made himself at home, partying it up by the pool…


Checking out Mini Blythe…


Success!  Now, they are inseparable…


He’s so at home comfy, he’s already borrowing my jewelry:


Thank you Chris! ( A Little Creation), my past and ongoing swap buddy 🙂

Blythe Physical Challenge #80 Flower Power

I knew my vintage “flower Power” pins would come in handy someday. This weeks Blythe Physical Challenge was to photograph Blythe in public with flowers…  A stroll down the neighborhood with Freddie, long hair flowing, decked out in “flower power” pins:


Photo Mask #12 Freebie

This week, I made a square shaped Spring style mask.  Personal use only – Enjoy!



Best Weekend Ever!

What a great weekend this has been! Older son flew home,  and younger son drove up from University.  Once again, we were a family of five under one roof.  It’s as if they never left.  DD went right into her usual banter with her older brothers.  And it’s that time again – NHL Playoff Stache…


Just wanted to share DD’s latest passion – cycling! It started off as getting a bike to get around campus in the fall, and now she is “talking” about doing triathlons.  Don’t you just love the pink tires 🙂


And to all the Mothers out there…


Photo Mask #11 Freebie

Mother’s Day is this Sunday the 12th. So, in honor of this very special day, I created this photo mask. I also made one without the word “Mother” on it. Personal use only – Enjoy!



May 2013 Garden

Yayyy!!! I made it.  It seems every year, I get later and later in putting in my vegetable garden.  What’s silly is that I have my gardener help clean out the raised beds in fall in preparation for cold weather planting. But then I don’t do it, and neglect the garden instead.  Then I have to have him help clean out the weeds before I plant in spring all over again.  I normally have everything in sometime in April, but this season, it went into May… I planted the usual; tomatoes, zucchinis, beans, melons, and artichokes.  Here are some photos of my vegetable garden.  The first one is looking toward the back of my house, second one is to the side, and the third, looking out at the back grove.  I am a “plant them and leave them kind” of gardener, so only the hardiest survive:

MayGarden2013_1 MayGarden2013_2 MayGarden2013_3

My Concord grape vines are doing great.  The Kyoho grape vines are so so.  The small bed was my herb garden, until the mint and some other herb jumped the planter and took over everywhere.  And that’s my garden gnome, his name is Norm (really original name, I know  ;)). Bougainvillea covered my trellis bench in the center, but this last frost killed one, and the gardener trimmed the other one down to the ground.  I need to think of another vine to plant that can withstand the colder temperatures in the winter.  The bright flowers on the bushy tree in the center photo are pomegranates.  I have them all over the back , as they seem to resist the gopher attacks better than some other plants.  Besides, I just love pomegranates!

Handmade Gifts

What could these be? can you guess?…


They’re pin keeps!  I finally decided to make some things out of all the vintage/estate finds that I have been happily collecting.  I’ve seen a lot of people make all kinds of pin keeps, and knew I could make them as well.  They are fun and quick to make, and the results are just too adorable! Who wouldn’t want one of these cuties sitting by their side when crafting?




I hope the recipients like them… Now, off  to go and make one for DD and one for myself.

My Spring Doll!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I joined Wendy of Ravenwood Whimzies Spring Doll Challenge… Well, I actually finished it! In good time no less.

I took Wendy’s doll pattern and reduced it to half the original size – I like smaller dolls.  She stands approximately 10″ tall. Since I still had the supplies for fairies out on my table, I decided to make my Spring Doll into a fairy, in pink.  She wears a pink and yellow petal skirt with a yellow felt tunic, pink shoes, and petaled acorn cap. Her hair is made of wool roving.  I inserted pipe cleaners in her arms and legs, which made stuffing easier since she is so small, and it had the added benefit of making her pose-able.  The only deviation from Wendys pattern is on her feet.  Since I reduced the size, I was unable to turn the foot part of the pattern after sewing.  As for her facial features, I went with an Edith Flack Ackley style.  She looks a bit serious, but she’s still cute ;). And here she is:






This doll was so much fun to make. Thank you Wendy for the challenge! …Doll #2 done!