Needle Felting… Ouch!

Ok, I decided that as long as I was in the “creative” mode, I was going to try some crafts new to me.  And needle felting is new to me. I purchased the supplies some time back with the best intentions of making something.  Well, I finally sat down and did it.  When I am creating, I like to multitask – knit, hang out with my daughter, yack away; make jewelry, watch a movie… Well, needle felting is NOT an activity that I can take my eyes off of.  During a couple of distracted moments, I jabbed my fingers with those lethal looking needles – and it was painful!  So, with a certain idea in mind, I started making a cat that turned into a teddy bear, and a bunny that did end up a bunny, but you can see that I got bored when I got to his legs, and just wound the wool around… I think this activity takes a bit more patience than I have. Or, I have not developed a passion for it yet, and therefore can only stand to sit there and punch away at wool roving shaping it into something recognizable for only so long.  I think for now, I will put aside the needles…  And here are the results of my efforts (they are cute, but I have no idea what to do with them):




  1. […] tussie mussies. And here is another one that I made.  I’m glad I was able to use the bunny and teddy.  I might just pick up the giant needles again and make a few more felted cuties (and poke myself […]

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