Quilty Barns #6 – #8

Ok, so here are my Lori Holts Quilty Barn Along barns 6, 7, and 8:

QuiltyBarn6 QuiltyBarn7 QuiltyBarn8

I think so far, my favorite block has been the Water Turn Block.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Linda

My Lampwork Studio

I have noticed many bloggers giving wonderful tours of their home studios.  I do not have a dedicated studio for my art/craft in my house yet, but I do have a lampwork studio in our detached garage.  Viv asked me about it, and I thought, why not? So, here is a tour of my garage studio.  It is more industrial than cute, but with melting glass, and sometimes exploding glass, it serves it’s purpose:

This is a view of our detached garage, and half of the fuel for my torch – a propane tank.  Dear hubby put in the exhaust vent above the tank:


And here is my studio in one corner of the garage.  In the middle is my work station with my torch, and all around are my tools, supplies, and equipment.  to the right is my kiln for annealing the beads, and below that is my oxygen concentrator (added with propane, fuels the torch).  And above is my air vent and fan. I use a Nortel Minor torch.  It has a graphite marver piggy backing on it so it looks kind of funny.  The little round white things are DH’s socks filled with beans that I use as arm rests 🙂


And here are a few of my beautiful glass rods.  I use mainly Moretti and Bullseye rods, but I also have CIM, Lauscha, and Vetrofond.  I just purchased some Devardi rods, which I am looking forward to trying out next session:


These are the tools of the trade.  Marvers, hemostats, molds, presses, scissors, knives, kitchen spoons, mandrels with bead release, and some stringers I pulled for decorating.  Starbucks coffee bottles make really good containers for glass storage:

LampworkStudioTour_4Here I am.  I think these photos were taken a few years back.  You can see I used to drink a lot of starbucks coffee 🙂  I am wearing my didymium safety glasses, melting glass, and winding it on a mandrel.  When I’m done, it gets popped into the kiln for annealing.


Finally, here are some glass beads I have made in the past.  I tend to make florals and rounds in happy cheery colors:


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– Linda

Quilty Barns #3 – #5

Dear Hubby would say that I have a bit of an OCD going on – and I think he would be right. When something catches my fancy, I go full on into it.  So, I am almost caught up in Lori Holts Quilty Barn Along.  Here are barns 3, 4, and 5:

QuiltyBarn3 QuiltyBarn4


I had planned on all the barns being red, but that pink somehow snuck in…

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– Linda

My Handmade Lampwork Beads

Here are a few more handmade lampwork beads from my last beading session.  I just love to make round beads encased in clear – and in my go to color, Pink!

Beads2013_July26You can find these and other beads in my Etsy shop. Thank you for visiting!

– Linda

Citrus Belt Quilters And A Wonderful Gift!

My friend Ellie introduced me to our local Quilters Guild, the Citrus Belt Quilters. I wasn’t sure about a guild, but I enjoyed my guest visit last month, so I joined this month.  They are a very nice organization, full of members with a passion for quilting, and also service to the community.  They also have a little shop at the meetings, where I bought these fabrics for a song.  I think they are perfect for my quilty barn along blocks.  Don’t they look nice and homey drying out in the sun?  And Ellie knew I loved vintage, and gifted me with a bag of wonderful vintage lace and trims.  I think some of them belonged to her mother.  I especially like the little blue fish applique – oh, so many projects to use them in…

Quilters Guild

Pink Saturday & Quilty Barn #2

Happy Pink Saturday!  Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting this weekly event.

Here is my Quilty Barn Along, Barn #2.  I gave the barn a pink roof, and the flower is pink,  so I thought I’d share for Pink Saturday as well.  For whatever reason, I had a hard time lining up the farm fresh flower block:


Joining The Quilty Barn Along: Barn #1

Well, I finally decided to join in the fun of Lori Holts Quilty Barn Along.  I noticed several fellow bloggers, Holly at Cotton Pickin’ Fun and Heather at Vintage Grey participating, and it looked like too much fun to pass up.  Of course I’m a bit behind, but that won’t deter me.  I made an additional block to the one that goes on the side of the barn – I’m sure I’ll have use for it when all the barns are done.  So, here is my Quilty Barn #1:


Cyclists To Podium Girls

Dear daughter and dear friend A, cycle together.   They had an opportunity to play Podium Girls at a recent cycling banquet.  It was all in fun – I think they cleaned up pretty well 🙂

Podium Girls– Linda

Pink Saturday And Dolly Dingle

Happy Pink Saturday!  Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting this weekly event.

I have been wanting to do this method of printing on muslin for a while now.  As dear hubby always says, it all comes down to having the proper tools.  And since I have all my sewing/cutting/printing tools at hand, I thought I’d give it a go.  As I was perusing around, I came across Aunt Lindy’s Paper Doll fabric panels.  Of course, they have been around for a while, and no one seems to have them anymore, so I found a cute graphic of Dolly Dingle & Billie Bumps, and made my own fabric panels.  I resized and tweaked the graphics in Photoshop first. Here is the process I used, and here is where I got the graphics.  The only deviation from the process was that I ironed the fabric onto the butcher paper first, then used my rotary cutter to cut a nice 8 1/2″ x 11″ .  And the biggest tip in this process is, make sure the muslin (pre-washed) is ironed on really well to the butcher paper.  You can see on my photo where Dolly Dingle near her pantaloons snagged a bit.  Billie Bumps was my second go, and his printout came out pretty good.  I ironed the printout to set the colors ( not sure how well the color washes).  Then I just got backing fabric, sewed around the perimeter, stuffed, embellished, and “voila!” who needs to buy a fabric panel, you can make your own!  Oh, the possibilities are endless!


PinkSaturday_July20b_2013They do look like they lost some weight 🙂 … Oh, and Happy Halloween in July!

Dolls #3 & #4 done! (only 3 to catch up)

– Linda

Quilting Frustrations…

Choosing a design (or having a design chosen for me), choosing fabric, and piecing the quilt top together has been easy peasy.  Now, to actually quilt the three layers has been all together another matter.  Either 20 years ago, quilting was more straightforward, or I didn’t know what I was doing back then, and or there are too many options now.  I am having a bit of a “quilt block”  – as in “mental block”.  I am beginning to understand why so many of my fellow quilters are sending their quilts out to be professionally quilted.  But of course, I have to do everything myself… The first “block” was when I went to purchase the spray baste everyone seems to use, only to be told by the nice fabric store ladies that particular brand had recently been pulled off the shelves because the state of California deemed it hazardous to your health, cancer causing, yadda yadda yadda.  So, I thought, use an alternative spray adhesive? pin baste? hand baste? then, I stumbled on the “Elmer School Glue” basting method.  That sounded the least toxic/time consuming, so I will try that.  Then there was the ordering of the walking foot, and the free hand motion foot – I didn’t know my sewing machine needed so many feet! And last but not least, since no one seems to carry it, I am waiting on the delivery of my quilting pounce…  After it’s all said and done, I would probably have been better off sending it out to be professionally quilted, oh well.  So, I am plodding along…

This little cutie has nothing to do with my quilting efforts.  I just added her in because she is so cute, and she came in a lot of vintage dolls that I recently acquired:


A Girl And Her Bows

Dear daughter has been creative lately. It’s funny how we rub off on each other; DD is active, I start walking.  I start quilting, and DD starts making bows… And, since she is sooo busy, I have volunteered to photograph and list her small business efforts.  She started making bows to wear, and decided it was just as easy to make two.  So, I present, DD’s “Tres chic” bows. You can find them in her Etsy shop – Cutie Pie Misfits:


Saturday Fun

On our early morning walk, DH and I stumbled on a neighborhood garage sale.  I saw this cute box, Paw Parazzi. It’s a child’s toy, but I thought the graphics on it were so cute that I went back, and got it.  When you open it, it has a balcony, and drawers – I can use it for storage.


Later on, DD and I headed to the beach cities, on errands and to drop in to see my parents.  Along the way, we stopped by at Piecemakers Country Store.  Now that I am into quilting, fabric just pops out at me.  This one reminded me of fabric from when I was young.  And I had never seen these sequins before, so I indulged in a few bags.  Ideas are churning in my mind…