Old Town & Renewed Friendship

DD had an overnight orientation at UCSD, so I decided to have an overnight as well.  After dropping her off, I headed to Old Town San Diego to play tourist.  It was nice, but I realized I don’t much like sightseeing on my own.  This is my “new normal”. DH has suggested now that all the kids will be out of the house, I accompany him on business trips.  I will have to think on that one – my wanderlust hasn’t kicked back in, and I need to learn to appreciate playing tourist on my own…  I digress, so Old Town was nice, an infusion of Mexican culture, color, and flavor:


The best part was, on the second day, I met up with my best friend from fourth grade! We had lunch at a wonderful restaurant by the beach.  It kind of reminded me of Coogee beach when we lived in Sydney.  Linda and I had fun catching up, remembering funny little things, and marveling at the passage of time…



  1. Donna B. says:

    i know what you are feeling. Erin is in Texas this week, leaving in a month for college, and my other girls are always busy and never home. It’s very different. My new normal.

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