Photo Mask #18 Freebie

My grandfather came to this country during the turn of the century, seeking fortune and adventure.  In some respects, his dreams did come true, as eventually, he was able to return to his home country, a comfortable and respected man.   I am glad that he had the sense of adventure and the courage of youth to come, as this established our family in this great country of ours.  I have traveled and lived in many places throughout the world, and can honestly say that I am glad to make my home here.  In honor of this,  I have made a mask celebrating the Fourth of July.  PU only – enjoy!




  1. Linda, you are always up to something crafty and amazing! Your photo mask is really great. I only wish I was a little more advanced and knew how to use some of these photo elements! I’m afraid I’m at the extremely basic level!
    Your recent vintage Christmas swap looked like so much fun. I really adore old Santas myself and started collecting a few. Honestly, they are both adorable and a little creepy looking too sometimes!

  2. Thanks so much I adore masks!

  3. Wonderful mask – thank you!

  4. Thanks again for this very original mask !

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