Pink Saturday And Lavender Wands

Happy Pink Saturday!  After visiting the Lavender Festival, I was inspired to make a lavender wand.  If you want instructions, they are all over the web.  It’s pretty straight forward, so I just did it my way.  I don’t know what type of lavender grows in my garden, but it was definitely not the slender petite variety they used at the fair to make the wands.  So, I had to offset the bunch I used.  Basic steps: Pick 15 lavender stalks, remove the leaves.  Tie the bunch with dental floss, bend stalks over the flowers, weave ribbon around, and tie off.  Pretty simple, and the results are even prettier.  The hardest part was competing with the bees for the flowers:



  1. WOW what a super wonderful neat idea. Love it. Hugs judy

  2. That is easy, and here I thought it would be difficult, so I never attempted it. Thanks for the tutorial.


  3. Oh thank you so much for sharing your wands. I did these years ago and forgot all about them. But now I put a reminder in my calendar to remember to do them next May . Thanks for sharong

  4. Linda! Those are so beautiful. If I find some lavender and I can make one then I believe you that it’s easy…but in the meantime I have to go with the belief that something so pretty and complicated looking couldn’t possibly be easy! xoxo Nancy

  5. I wish I knew you were going to the lavender festival…I didn’t go cuz no one in my family ever wants to. I love lavender! Last year I made my very first batch of lavender oil from the plant I grew from a teeny little plant. The oil was amazing! However, in my zeal, I pruned it back too severely, and killed it. I still need to plant a replacement.

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