Suzy Homemaker Moments

DD started swimming with the Masters for the summer.  She wakes up at 5:00am, and swims from 5:30am to 7:30am.  She then goes to her summer job, teaching learn to swim.  After she gets home, she goes cycling, climbing, or some other sport – she is loving it! I decided if she can do all that, then I can at the very least get up and go walking.  So, I have been getting up with her, and going walking with one of the dogs, and it’s been great!  For whatever reason, getting up and being active so early has made me feel more productive.  I noticed our apricots have started ripening, so I had DD help me pick them, and we put them in the dehydrator to dry them.  And, I made apricot sauce with the leftovers.  In lieu of lemons (no lemons on our trees at the moment) we used calamansi, which grows year round.


And, as long as I was on a roll, I dried bananas too:


And… I even made pesto from fresh basil growing in my garden:


How’s that for a Suzy Homemaker moment! 🙂


  1. Your daughter is certainly a wonderful role model for health! Darling pic. Nothing beats fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh pesto…YUM!

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