August 2012 Garden

I haven’t done much gardening lately, as the heat keeps me indoors.  But, things seem to manage quite well around the garden.  Here are the rest of my grapes, and my annual bumper crop of tomatoes:

I also started cooking with fresh basil more, and popped a little plant I purchased at the grocery store into the front garden, and it too is thriving:

I had my gardener transplant a pretty pink crepe myrtle this spring from my back garden to the front. It adds a touch of color to the front grove, and I can also enjoy it from my kitchen window:

I also had the landscaper transplant a Pride Of Barbados plant from a shady spot in the side garden to a sunnier place.  This is the first year that it bloomed!  The colors are just beautiful:

And lastly, here is a beautiful Aleppo Pine tree that we planted when we moved into our home.  Unfortunately, with all the grove watering, the tree seems to have grown shallow roots, and now poses a danger of collapsing into our back fence as well as the neighbor’s.  So we will be taking it down :-(.

Handmade Yoga Mat Bags

I used to do yoga on a regular basis, and just recently started back. My daughter even invited me to go with her to her class, which made me very happy.  So, I decided to make some yoga mat bags for her and myself. It was a quick afternoon project. A yard of fabric, thread, and ribbon, and it was done.  Sewing is always fun with a project in mind:

Watermelon Days Freebie

Watermelons are one of my favorite fruits in the summer, especially living here in the California desert region.  I have been in the mood to try some designing lately.  I came across this cute CU girl with a watermelon, and decided to put together a kit around her.  All credits are on the TOU in the kit.  Feel free to download this kit, but please note that this is for personal use only. Enjoy!I also made a QP freebie (included in the kit):

You can download it here in two parts:




Pretty Little Earrings

Last weekend, my daughter and I had fun going to the LA Garment District with my dear friend and her daughter.  Not only do they have clothes, but they also have fabrics, notions, jewelry making supplies, and floral supplies.  While perusing the bead store, I listened in on my daughters conversation.  Since she isn’t allowed to have a second ear piercing, she was saying she wanted the look of one.  So, I decided to make her and my friends daughter a pair of earrings.  I get great pleasure making things for family and friends, so it was a lot of fun.  Here is my daughters earrings with the ear cuff (not sure what it’s really called):

And here is one for my friends daughter:

Good Ole American Concord Grapes

After three years of cultivating our concord grape vines, we are now enjoying our first harvest of grapes. They are a bit small, but delicious!

Next year, I might try making grape jelly.

Zentangle Challenge #83 Duo Tangle

At the beginning of the year, I cleaned out my “studio” (corner of our bedroom :-)) and boxed away my drawing supplies.  I happened to be visiting the Diva yesterday, and decided to do her weekly challenge.  The last one I did was week 51, and they are up to week 83! This weeks challenge was to do a duo tile using the tangles mooka and assunta.  Here is my tile:

I felt a bit rusty, but it was so much fun! Kind of therapeutic too as long as I don’t pressure myself to do one every week… I will have to join in from time to time.  If you are interested, go and visit the Diva at I am the diva – Certified Zentangle Teacher.

Pinks Mini Kit Freebie

I have been having fun playing with Artrage, and decided to share some of the elements I drew.  I also used the trace application to draw the vintage style element of the little girl with the bunny.  There are seven elements and one background:

You can download it here:



New Warby Parker Glasses

I had my annual optometry appointment today with the intention of getting new glasses. Well, after trying on some frames, and realizing the average frame was around $160 ($240 for the one I liked), I decided to forego purchasing them.  Especially since the lenses and etc. were not even included.  As happenstance would have it, I went home, turned on the TV and saw a segment on a program featuring Warby Parker glasses.  Warby Parker is an on-line optical company involved in a  “buy a pair give a pair” program.  You can go to their site and virtually try on glasses from their selection.  It only costs $95.00 (lens, frame, & s/h), and the best part is that someone else in the world benefits from new glasses with your purchase! Here, Georgie Girl is modeling the glasses I ordered (Webb):

Handmade Denim Jeans Bag

During one of our “Back to School Shopping” expeditions, rather than buy her a new school bag, I promised my daughter that I would make her one.  So, I took one of her brothers old jeans, and made a school bag.  She chose the lining, and I embellished it with things I thought she would like.  She’s very much into playing the guitar, and still believes in fairytale endings :-):