August 2012 Garden

I haven’t done much gardening lately, as the heat keeps me indoors.  But, things seem to manage quite well around the garden.  Here are the rest of my grapes, and my annual bumper crop of tomatoes:

I also started cooking with fresh basil more, and popped a little plant I purchased at the grocery store into the front garden, and it too is thriving:

I had my gardener transplant a pretty pink crepe myrtle this spring from my back garden to the front. It adds a touch of color to the front grove, and I can also enjoy it from my kitchen window:

I also had the landscaper transplant a Pride Of Barbados plant from a shady spot in the side garden to a sunnier place.  This is the first year that it bloomed!  The colors are just beautiful:

And lastly, here is a beautiful Aleppo Pine tree that we planted when we moved into our home.  Unfortunately, with all the grove watering, the tree seems to have grown shallow roots, and now poses a danger of collapsing into our back fence as well as the neighbor’s.  So we will be taking it down :-(.

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