Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday with family and friends!!! May the season bring you much joy and happiness… From our home to yours:




Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebie

I am participating in the Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies bloghop, and made this kit.  Earlier in the year, I found a really cute vintage children’s activity book at a local antique store.  I love this type of graphics, as it brings back fond memories from my childhood.  I scanned and extracted a few of the elements, created some of my own, added some CU goodies, and this is what I came up with.  Please note that this is for personal use only:

And here are the downloads ( two parts):


Garage Sale Mice

After coffee with a friend, I happened on a garage sale. I found these cute little mice sitting on the table waiting for someone to take them home, so I snapped them up! – aren’t they cute!

November Garden 2012

Wow, time just flies! I have been so preoccupied with managing College applications (last child – yay!!!), the holidays, and other “stuff” (things that really don’t matter, but I stress over anyway) that I’ve neglected many other things (that I like and give me pleasure).  Anyway, the weather here is just gorgeous, so I took a walk around my garden and took some shots of pretty things that caught my eye:

Zentangle Challenge #91 Beads Of Courage

The diva challenged us this week to take inspiration from the Beads Of Courage Program in honor of her son, Artoo and his friend EJ’s birthdays.  Beads Of Courage is a wonderful program, and when I am in my bead making mode, I like to take part in it.  I made a simple tangle of three beads, and this time I actually colored them:

Glitterfest 2012!

My daughter and I finally made it to this years Glitterfest held in Santa Ana CA.  As art/craft shows go, I found it to be very unique.  There were a lot of amazing and creative artists represented.  It was sooo crowded, but I managed to take some photos:

My daughter fell in love with these crowns, tiaras, and headbands; I will have to have a go at making one sometime soon…

These vintage button rings were so cute!

And even better, Maria Grimes of Garden Path Beads was there.  When I started making lampwork beads, I came across many talented bead makers.  There are only a handful of bead artists that I admire, and Maria is one of them.  She is a skilled lampworker, and comes up with the most wonderful and unique ideas to incorporate into her designs.  Here is an adorable pig pendant I bought – “When Pigs Fly”:

Cutiepie Misfits Grand Opening! and Freebie

Well, my daughter finally opened her little shop over at Etsy! – Cutiepie Misfits.  Here are the adorable amigurumi characters she crocheted and has listed in her shop:

And in honor of her shop opening, I made a digital kit featuring amigurumi she crocheted:

A QP Freebie is also included in the kit. And here are the downloads in three parts – Enjoy!

And please stop over and visit her Etsy shop Cutiepie Misfits! Thank you! 🙂

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon And Freebie

Well, here is the third kit I made for the DSS play along.  I won’t be uploading it to DSS as I did not follow the rules exactly :-).  Here is the photo I chose for my theme:

When I saw this photo, I imagined a cow jumping over a moon.  And, since I like that nursery rhyme, I decided to make a mini kit based on it.  And here it is:

And here is the download – Enjoy!

Zentangle Challenge #87 Pinwheels For Peace

September 21st marks the International Day of Peace.

And as the Diva set forth another Pinwheels For Peace Challenge, I decided to join in.  I think my efforts are more doodling rather then zentangling, but I had fun doing it :-). Here is a link to the one I did last year: Zentangle Challenge #40 Pinwheels For Peace 2011. And here is the one I did for this challenge:

Delft Blue Moon And Freebie

Well, here is the second play-along for the DSS challenge.  Again, it is moon themed.  We were allowed to add one additional color (and it’s different shades) – of course, I picked pink! Here is the  inspiration photo (courtesy Captain Kimo):

When I saw this photo, I thought of all the pretty blues, and Delft Blue came to mind.  Delft holds a special place in my heart, as the city that my DH and I met in grad school. The year we were there, they even had a blue moon! Thus, the name Delft Blue Moon :-).  I scanned and extracted tiles I had gotten back then.  I also found a vintage embroidery pattern of a little Dutch boy and girl that I colored digitally.  And here it is:

Here is the download, Enjoy!

I believe there is one more round to go. I’ll try to do it again, so check back in a week or so!

Moon Princess and Freebie

Well, I didn’t make the first round of  Digital Scrapbooking Studio Next Designer Challenge :-(, but decided to do the play-along thing since I had so much fun putting together a kit. So, here is my next kit, again moon themed per requirement.  Here is the inspiration photo, again from Captain Kimo:

This time, I made a kit based on a fairytale from my childhood, Kaguya Hime.  In short, it’s a story about a naughty moon princess who is sent down to earth to live with a kind woodcutter and his wife.  They live happily until she grows to become a beautiful young lady.  The Emperor falls in love with her, but in the end, her moon family takes her back to the moon.  Something like that :-).  Any way, here is the kit. Enjoy!

Here is the download:

Digital Scrapbooking Studio Designer Challenge & Freebie

Digital Scrapbooking Studio is having their annual Next Designer Challenge.  And this year, I decided to participate.  The first round theme is “Moonrise”, with a given color palette to work with. Here is the inspiration photo by Captain Kimo:

When I was a little girl, I remember watching an old Doris Day movie titled “By The Light Of The Silvery Moon”.  I recall loving that movie and song, so that is what I based my kit on.  On the drive down to take our son back to college, I spent time sketching a bride & groom, wedding cake, and a crescent moon.  I extracted elements from photos I took, and added a few CU elements, and here is my kit:

Here is the link to download the kit.  It’s not a direct link, but will take you to the DSS Gallery where the download is.  While you’re there, check out some of the kits from other participating designers. You can download them too: