New Warby Parker Glasses

I had my annual optometry appointment today with the intention of getting new glasses. Well, after trying on some frames, and realizing the average frame was around $160 ($240 for the one I liked), I decided to forego purchasing them.  Especially since the lenses and etc. were not even included.  As happenstance would have it, I went home, turned on the TV and saw a segment on a program featuring Warby Parker glasses.  Warby Parker is an on-line optical company involved in a  “buy a pair give a pair” program.  You can go to their site and virtually try on glasses from their selection.  It only costs $95.00 (lens, frame, & s/h), and the best part is that someone else in the world benefits from new glasses with your purchase! Here, Georgie Girl is modeling the glasses I ordered (Webb):

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