Zentangle Challenge #83 Duo Tangle

At the beginning of the year, I cleaned out my “studio” (corner of our bedroom :-)) and boxed away my drawing supplies.  I happened to be visiting the Diva yesterday, and decided to do her weekly challenge.  The last one I did was week 51, and they are up to week 83! This weeks challenge was to do a duo tile using the tangles mooka and assunta.  Here is my tile:

I felt a bit rusty, but it was so much fun! Kind of therapeutic too as long as I don’t pressure myself to do one every week… I will have to join in from time to time.  If you are interested, go and visit the Diva at I am the diva – Certified Zentangle Teacher.


  1. So glad you came back….we will be so glad whenever you feel up to a challenge! What an interesting effect we get with the assunta in negative! Love it! The mooka looks like stained glass.

  2. Hi…and nice to meet you……I started tangling after you left, so this is the first one of yours I’ve seen. It’s lovely. I agree with Lee Anne, your mooka does look like stained glass; and I also like your take on assunta. That one gave me some trouble.

  3. Really like your Assunta, and how you filled Mooka with a pattern!

  4. Annemarie Huijts says:

    You did a great job with both of the tangles and ….. the whole is beautiful.

  5. The lines and the dark shading are very impressive

  6. Working in the negative spaces give a lovely fresh look to both patterns. Very nice work!

  7. Susan Art says:

    Welcome back! Really like your interpretation of the challenge!

  8. I really enjoy the way you used the Assunta as the negative on your tile, very effective. It hugs Mooka beautifully.


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