Zentangle Challenge #101 “Phicops”

The Diva recently celebrated her 100th zentangle challenge.  I had taken a break from zentangling, but decided to try and participate again in the weekly challenges.  The new year starts off with a new tangle called “Phicops” that B-rad, the Divas hubby created.  It took a few times of draw/erase, but I kind of like the end result:

Challenge#101Phicops_BlogIf you’d like to try you hand at it, and/or view other participants tangles, go to “I am the diva“.  I find it to be a soothing activity – no pressure. You’re not being judged or graded.  In fact, everyone is really very supportive and kind.


  1. I see them as making beautiful flowers too! Yours are perfect!

  2. a little phicops garden!

  3. Annemarie says:

    What lovely flowers you show us!

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