Zentangle Challenge #87 Pinwheels For Peace

September 21st marks the International Day of Peace.

And as the Diva set forth another Pinwheels For Peace Challenge, I decided to join in.  I think my efforts are more doodling rather then zentangling, but I had fun doing it :-). Here is a link to the one I did last year: Zentangle Challenge #40 Pinwheels For Peace 2011. And here is the one I did for this challenge:


  1. Very sweet, love your dancing butterflies. Great design!

  2. This would make a great poster! Well done.

  3. very nice! i like that you have more than one pinwheel 🙂

  4. Oh so cute! Lovely!

  5. Peaceful is tangled to perfection!

  6. very nice. I love how you have planted your pinwheels 🙂

  7. You made a beautifull, happy tile!

  8. Great you joined, i like your pinwheels , I think its the nice thing of a challenge that so many people are coming up with so many different ideas. I like it when the showed work is so completely different from what most of the people make. So I should say join the challenge. You made peaceful pinwheels with a tangle-doodling touch. Great:)

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