Zentangle Challenge #49 “Red Thread Challenge”

Following an old Chinese proverb, “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.” the diva challenged us to start our tangle with a “Red Thread”:

Zentangle Challenge #48 “Tri-Shapes”

For this week’s challenge, the diva instructed us to start a tile using three basic shapes; a square, a circle, and a triangle. I tried using some tangles that were new to me, and here are my efforts:


Zentangle Challenge #47 “Lest We Forget”

This week, the diva has challenged us with “Lest We Forget” in honor of the Canadian “Rememberance Day” and our “Veteran’s Day”. We were challenged to simply remember. I followed the diva’s choice of drawing poppies based on the poem “Flanders Field”:


Zentangle Challenge #46 “All Hallow’s Eve”

The diva has challenged us with a Halloween themed tangle.  Since today is Halloween, I whipped up a quick tangle, and here it is:

A witches cauldron with magic potion and an enchanted tree 🙂

Zentangle Challenge #45 New Tangle Punzel

Our challenge for this week from the Diva was to use the new tangel Punzel.  At first I found it a bit difficult to draw but after a few tries, I think it came out ok:


Zentangle Challenge #44 “Tangled On The Inside”

This week, the Diva challenged us to draw one tangle and tangle on the inside of the one tangle.  I started with “Zenplosion Folds” by Daniele Obrien, and went from there:

Zentangle Challenge #43 “Sunflower”

This week’s challenge is “Sunflower”.  It comes from Penny B. who writes ” In Republic of South Africa, on 12 October we have Bandana Day, which is run by the Sunflower Fund. This is an organization founded in 1999 in support of the SA Bone Marrow Registry for people suffering from leukemia. Every year our local retailer (Pick n Pay) sells Sunflower bandanas and the proceeds go towards the Sunflower Fund…everyone wears a Bandana, somehow somewhere on this day! …” And as sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers, this was a fun challenge to do:

Thank you Penny B. for suggesting this challenge!

Zentangle Challenge #42 “Hope”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  WIth this in mind, the Diva has challenged us to do a tangle themed “Hope”.  Hope is a wonderful word.  I did a simple tangle.  A heart awash in rays of light, surrounded by hope & love for you and me:

Zentangle Challenge #41 “Jonqual/Opus”

This week, the diva challenged us to do a tile using two tangles, Jonqual and Opus:


Zentangle Challenge #40 “Pinwheels For Peace”

Today is the International Day Of Peace.  So, for this week, the Diva has challenged us with the theme “Pinwheels For Peace”. There is also a project Pinwheels For Peace.  When I think of pinwheels, I think of children running outdoors holding a pinwheel with a backdrop of blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  So, this is my tangle on this theme (I kept it simple):

Zentangle Challenge #39 “Love Is All You Need”

The Diva has challenged us this week with the theme “Love Is All You Need” in rememberance of all those who perished and were affected by the tragedy of 9/11 ten years ago.  My idea of Love is Family; our immediate families, our community, country, and global families:

Zentangle Challenge #38 “Better Than A Pair Of Ducks”

I’m getting behind with so many things lately.  Life just kind of happens.  I love to zentangle, so I do make a point of completing the weekly challenges.   This week, the diva challenged us to use the tangle Paradox, and here is my tangle: