January Garden And Update

It seems unimaginable that the rest of the country is having such severe weather.  Here, it’s like spring/summer.  For this months garden post, I took a few shots of my front yard and spliced them together.  My gardener is helping with a lot of yard clean up.  Today, I went to several nurseries to find some plants – more on that later.


I also went to my very first Quilt Show, Road To California, which took place in the city of Ontario, not too far from my house.  It was an amazing experience! The crowd got to me a bit, but I found some really nice things.  I took dear hubby on another day to see my latest madness passion.  I also wanted him to see the long arm machines – planting the seed for possible future purchase… He actually found the machines, especially the computerized ones fascinating, the quilts, not so much.


I also met a very nice woman demonstrating one of the long arm machines who turned out to be an author of quilt books.  Dear hubby bought me two of her books, and she even signed them for me!


And finally, I had to add this photo – only at a Quilting Convention, attended by mostly older women.  All the men’s bathrooms converted temporarily into women’s bathrooms 🙂



  1. Such a contrast to our weather. It’s so refreshing to see your pictures. Another snowstorm is expected during the commute home this evening. Enough already. How fun to get to a quilt show and have books purchased and signed for you. My mother is such am amazing quilter. I wish I had inherited her talents. Enjoy your beautiful weather and keep sharing it with the rest of us!

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show despite the crowds. Please bring your show goodies to quilt group so we can drool over them!

  3. Quilt shows are such an inspiration! How fun to meet the author of the books!

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