August Garden 2014 & Soy Amado

I have been neglecting my blog lately.  It has been sooo hot around here, all I want to do is lay flat on the cool floor and do nothing… but I have been keeping busy.  Starting off with my garden; venturing out into the unbearable heat, I am rewarded with a bumper crop of American concord grapes – so yummy!


On the quilting front, I stumbled onto a very nice quilt blog Little Island Quilting, where there is a wonderful project going on –  Soy Amado.  I am participating, and here are some of the blocks I made:













Now, I just need to package them and put them in the mail.


  1. Your quilt blocks are amazing. The colors are perfect. That sweet kitty is my favorite.

  2. Wow, Linda you have been busy. Your quilts are beautiful. I’ll have to get busy myself now.

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