Pillows & Tomatoes

It was way past time to switch out my family room couch slip covers from the holiday red to a spring/summery cool off white.  After doing so, I realized it needed a pop of color.  So, I decided to make new slip covers for the pillows.  It may be a bit flowery for dear hubby, but I like them:


I even added some butterflies, a dragonfly, and a ladybug for some whimsy.

And my neighbor who owns SunnysideLOCAL Nursery, kindly gifted me with these heirloom tomato plants.  Here they are with Hiro:



  1. What fun pillows! Such a fun photoshoot! Hiro has beautiful markings.

  2. Such pretty pillows. Mr. L is anti pillow so I will have to look at yours.
    Chris =]

  3. KJ@letsgoflyakite says:

    Both the pillows and Hiro are so beautiful (love your fabric choices).
    I try to grown heirlooms each year. My girl friend gives me a few that she starts from seed, I hope to put them in pots in late May if the temperatures are warm enough – we have had a very cold spring thus far. { Our pup has been eating my pansies from the pot so I am worried that he might be a digger! Hiro looks very calm.}

  4. LOVe the pillows! I keep looking at pillows in all the stores.. but I never seem to find just the right ones.. I am eventually going to have to make some.
    have agreat day

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