February Garden 2014

Just getting in a quick post on my monthly garden.  It’s finally raining here in Southern California! No photos of the rain, but I took a few during the month.  After visiting a local nursery, guess who came home with me? I think our dog Hiro is not convinced.  He eyed the newcomers with suspicion… but I have always wanted kitschy pink flamingos, and I am happy to say that I finally got them!

After multiple irrigation system repairs and our dear passion fruit vine being choked out, we finally had the banana trees removed.  I replaced them with several varieties of lavender, a pygmy date palm, and a few other plants I forgot the names of.  It looks sparse right now, but the yard seems to have opened up, and we can see the mountains in the distance again from our family room windows.  Oh, and I was able to find another passion fruit vine – yay!



  1. I heard about the rain in SoCal! I hope it was enough. Your landscaping is beautiful, so many species we can’t grow in these parts. I love your flamingos too. Hiro is beautiful.

  2. My husband and I were glued to the weather channel last night watching the rain reports for CA. Your landscaping is amazing. Such a beautiful contrast to our mountains of SNOW! Those flamingos look right at home. I will be visiting this post over and over again dreaming of warm weather!

  3. Looks like paradise – the palms and banana trees and pool. It must smell wonderful when the citrus blooms. I hope you all are okay with all the rain. I know how badly it’s needed. Love your quilt blocks, too. xo Nancy

  4. Hi Linda, It really looks good with the bananas thinned out. We got over 4 inches so far. My apricot and nectarine blossoms didn’t blow off. Thank goodness. We need to do lunch again soon.

  5. Bummer about the passion fruit vine, it has such pretty flowers. Did you every get fruit from your banana trees? Here we have gotten a years worth of rain in 3 days.
    Chris =]

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