Alumni Game

I ventured down South the other weekend to attend dear younger son’s first game of the season, the Alumni game.  Dear hubby was out of town so I went alone – it was worth it to see both kids.  The UCSD Ice Hockey team played against the alumni to kick start their season.  I’m not into sports as much as the rest of my family, but when one of my kids play, it’s always fun to watch.  This will be his last season, as he is a Senior.  So technically, he should be playing as an alumni next year, unless he takes an additional quarter to graduate… A real possibility as he did not declare his major until the end of his Sophomore year.  Then he will be a Super Senior.  And if someone takes an additional second year, I am told they are called Stupid Seniors! I don’t think that will happen…


September 2013 Garden & Boy Next Door

Yes, I am waxing nostalgic these last few days before dear daughter heads off to college… I took a photo of her and boy next door the other day before they took off on a bike ride.  And I remembered a cute photo I took of them many years ago, so I thought I’d share.  They have grown so much… He will be heading up north at the end of the week for college, and she will be heading down south – how time flies…


And now to my garden.  Lots of flowers still hanging on, some going to seed.  I noticed one Oro Blanco left on the tree – so big! Valencias are in season.  Navels, gold nuggets, and lemons are coming along:


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Zentangle Challenge #133 “Tipple” & Day Out With My Girl

I have had a happy few days sitting around with dear daughter.  As most of her friends have already left for College, and adding to that her wisdom teeth extraction, she has been a homebody the last few days.  So, as I sat around with her, I got the idea to do a Zentangle Challenge with the Diva.  The theme is “Tipple” which are the little round tangles.  I started with a Hearts and Loops quilting design, and worked around that:


And today, since most of her pain subsided, and her chipmunk cheeks have receded, we ventured out.  I had her take a snap of the truck loaded with oranges on the freeway.  I just love the fact that our town has an orange growing history, and that we live in a small grove.  We stopped by Hobby Lobby before hitting Victoria Gardens.  I get a bit overwhelmed at Hobby Lobby sometimes, they just have so much stuff! We managed to get out of there with just a few items.  First stop at the mall was See’s Chocolate, to fortify ourselves for the shopping ahead.  After hitting most of DH’s favorite shops, we sat down and had some frozen yoghurt.  On the way home, we picked up her new glasses.  It was a hot but wonderful day.  I am cherishing every moment with her before she heads off to College…


August 2013 Garden

This is my monthly garden post, but first, I wanted to show off dear daughters new racing bike.  She has great plans with it in college… She has fallen off of it three times already! (something to do with getting used to clips) But  I shouldn’t laugh, while waiting for her at the bike shop, I took a spin on a hybrid, and fell off it too – like mother like daughter.  I am hoping for a new hybrid for my B-day 🙂


And now for the monthly garden update.  Basically, everything is overgrown.  It’s been so hot, I barely have gone out to even check on things.  So, I dashed out and took these photos:


Upcycled Shirt

After losing 40 pounds, dear hubby put aside some old shirts.  As I am so into quilting, I thought, yes! more cotton fabric for a new upcycled quilt! Then I saw what Nan over at Retired In Alaska did, and of course I had to try it too.  I thought it would be more fun to fit dear daughter, so I had her pick out an old shirt.  She went for the old red flannel shirt.  Here she is with it on before I tackled it:


And here is the finished top.  DD is rolling her eyes – modeling is not her thing:UpcycledShirt_2

The shirt was a Men’s size L, so I had to take it in quite a bit to fit DD.  I made a few tucks, and darts in front and back. And I cut the shoulders and sleeves and made it into a 3/4 length:UpcycledShirt_3

I think it came out pretty nice, and it was fun to do.  If you’d like to give it a try, visit Nan, or go directly to Cotton & Curls.

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– Linda

Cyclists To Podium Girls

Dear daughter and dear friend A, cycle together.   They had an opportunity to play Podium Girls at a recent cycling banquet.  It was all in fun – I think they cleaned up pretty well 🙂

Podium Girls– Linda

Saturday Fun

On our early morning walk, DH and I stumbled on a neighborhood garage sale.  I saw this cute box, Paw Parazzi. It’s a child’s toy, but I thought the graphics on it were so cute that I went back, and got it.  When you open it, it has a balcony, and drawers – I can use it for storage.


Later on, DD and I headed to the beach cities, on errands and to drop in to see my parents.  Along the way, we stopped by at Piecemakers Country Store.  Now that I am into quilting, fabric just pops out at me.  This one reminded me of fabric from when I was young.  And I had never seen these sequins before, so I indulged in a few bags.  Ideas are churning in my mind…



DD graduated from HS last night. Our youngest child… so happy for her to move on to college, but I will miss her…


Art In The Park

The other weekend, DH and I experienced what “empty nest” would be like.  DD took off for an overnight trip to Disneyland with friends.  We started the morning with breakfast out – nice! Then we headed to our local event “Art In The Park”.


They had an exhibit as well at the Smiley Library.  Here is a photo I took of a drawing done by Leo Politi.  He is one of my favorite artists. I am lucky enough to own one of his lithographs, the three little Japanese girls.



Here I am with my very talented friend, Muriel Dolemieux.  She is a local artist from France.  Muriel paints the most vibrant paintings of citrus and flowers.  I am very fortunate to own two of her works; one I purchased, and the other gifted to me by a very dear friend.




And I just had to add this photo.  After a full day, DH napping on the couch with Hiro.  Hiro actually sleeps with all fours in the air, but I took too long to grab the camera and get a shot – he rolled over and gave me the eye for making such a ruckus.


Best Weekend Ever!

What a great weekend this has been! Older son flew home,  and younger son drove up from University.  Once again, we were a family of five under one roof.  It’s as if they never left.  DD went right into her usual banter with her older brothers.  And it’s that time again – NHL Playoff Stache…


Just wanted to share DD’s latest passion – cycling! It started off as getting a bike to get around campus in the fall, and now she is “talking” about doing triathlons.  Don’t you just love the pink tires 🙂


And to all the Mothers out there…


Prom 2013!

Well, DD’s last Prom went wonderfully. After the usual mini-dramas and such, DD and her friends went off to their last Senior Prom… bittersweet, but nice.




The dress was a hit :).

Triton Day!

Yay!!! DD finally chose her school.  We spent a day this weekend at UCSD.  The morning started early with Breakfast with the Dean, followed by several seminars, and a tour around campus.  She loves it, and we are very happy for her.  The campus is vast and hilly – I was exhausted by the end of the day.  I don’t think she will have a problem with the Freshman 15 :).  This is her home for the next four years (hopefully…  we can’t afford a super-senior on our hands).  Of course I forgot my camera, so I had to make due with my iphone:


I don’t get the house on top of the building… I guess engineers do these things, just because they can?