Saturday Fun

On our early morning walk, DH and I stumbled on a neighborhood garage sale.  I saw this cute box, Paw Parazzi. It’s a child’s toy, but I thought the graphics on it were so cute that I went back, and got it.  When you open it, it has a balcony, and drawers – I can use it for storage.


Later on, DD and I headed to the beach cities, on errands and to drop in to see my parents.  Along the way, we stopped by at Piecemakers Country Store.  Now that I am into quilting, fabric just pops out at me.  This one reminded me of fabric from when I was young.  And I had never seen these sequins before, so I indulged in a few bags.  Ideas are churning in my mind…



  1. Your new blog is lovely ! I have always wondered if I should move my blog to wordpress as well.
    Your new find is pretty neat, too.

    Thanks so much for stopping by,

  2. Can’t wait to see what you do with your fabric and those sequins. Darling box. The balcony is too sweet.

  3. That box is way cool. I don’t remember toys being so detailed when I was little. the balcony–yes

  4. I can see why you went back for this sweet little case. The dog graphics are adorable. What a nice picture of you running errands too.
    The lampwork roses in your previous post are just gorgeous. You are incredibly talented in so many different mediums!

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