Alumni Game

I ventured down South the other weekend to attend dear younger son’s first game of the season, the Alumni game.  Dear hubby was out of town so I went alone – it was worth it to see both kids.  The UCSD Ice Hockey team played against the alumni to kick start their season.  I’m not into sports as much as the rest of my family, but when one of my kids play, it’s always fun to watch.  This will be his last season, as he is a Senior.  So technically, he should be playing as an alumni next year, unless he takes an additional quarter to graduate… A real possibility as he did not declare his major until the end of his Sophomore year.  Then he will be a Super Senior.  And if someone takes an additional second year, I am told they are called Stupid Seniors! I don’t think that will happen…



  1. You have two beautiful children. How nice to be able to spend time with them last weekend.

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