August 2013 Garden

This is my monthly garden post, but first, I wanted to show off dear daughters new racing bike.  She has great plans with it in college… She has fallen off of it three times already! (something to do with getting used to clips) But  I shouldn’t laugh, while waiting for her at the bike shop, I took a spin on a hybrid, and fell off it too – like mother like daughter.  I am hoping for a new hybrid for my B-day 🙂


And now for the monthly garden update.  Basically, everything is overgrown.  It’s been so hot, I barely have gone out to even check on things.  So, I dashed out and took these photos:



  1. Your daughter makes a very beautiful biker. Your garden is amazing. Those lush blooms. Such delicious looking grapes!

  2. Those grapes make my mouth water!

  3. Your garden might be overgrown but it is still beautiful. I will never laugh at anyone who falls off their bike because of the clips, I won’t try them for that exact reason!
    Chris =]

  4. It looks like grape jelly is in your future!!! yum

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